The Ultimate Guide to buy Bras for Breastfeeding Mothers

Bras have always been an essential fashion piece to bring the whole outfit together then why overlook them as you step into the new role of a mother. During this period of pregnancy and even after it a woman’s body goes through many changes. These changes not just physically with our bodies changing in size but also mentally where we tend to change preferences. And during these tender moments mothers need support in any form. The use of breastfeeding accessories, such as nursing bras, can be one of them. Because the cup is easy to open and close without the need to open the bra as a whole. Breast braces, also called nursing bras, are specifically designed for nursing mothers.

Using a breastfeeding bra does not affect the quantity and quality of breast milk, but makes it easier for breastfeeding mothers, especially in public places. Are you confused about choosing the right bra for nursing mothers or best quality maternity bras for ladies? Here is the guide.

Why buy a maternity bra?

Many breastfeeding mothers want to stay wearing an ordinary bra because they believe the lactation cycle is not messing with it. Actually, you could just use a regular maternity bra with a larger size.

The right time to buy a maternity bra?

A month before birth. Because at that time, your breast size is closest to the size when breastfeeding. The fastest, you can buy a maternity bra when entering the third trimester.

How many maternity bras should I buy?

If you want to breastfeed for six months to a year exclusively, 3-7 good quality nursing bras are enough to stock up.

Size of maternity bra for breastfeeding women:

It would be best if you made sure the size of the maternity bra you buy is right for you and comfortable to wear. Because, a maternity bra that is too tight will feel uncomfortable to wear even can inhibit the production of breast milk, while a maternity bra that is too loose can not support the breast properly.

How to choose a maternity bra that is comfortable for breastfeeding?

  • Choose maternity bra material that absorbs sweat to be comfortable when worn, for example,0% cotton.
  • Avoid maternity bras that have stitches on the inside because it can affect your sensitive nipples
  • Choose a maternity bra with cup hooks (flaps) that are easily installed and opened with one hand. Because one more hand will be used to hold a baby who wants to breastfeed immediately.
  • It’s best to choose a bra without breastfeeding, especially if used in the early weeks of birth. Because the wire on the bra can block the milk-producing tissue that extends to nursing mothers. But if your breast size is immense and requires a more substantial buffer, you can choose a wire bra.
  • Choose a bra that has large openings to remove the breast when breastfeeding easily, but still must support the breasts from the bottom when the cup is opened. Thus, breastfeeding feels more comfortable.
  • Make sure there is an empty gap of two fingers under the bra, and your hands are enough to fit into the cup if you want to attach a breast pad.
  • After the period of breastfeeding, you cannot use the maternity bra anymore because the size and shape of your breasts have changed. However, keep the maternity bra well so you can use it again for the next pregnancy.