The Best Highlights for Longevity in “The Enzyme Factor”

Hiromi Shinya is a famous Japanese surgeon. He is best known as the author of the book “The Enzyme Factor.” “The Enzyme Factor” is the book for you if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle? The following article will show the best highlights for longevity in this book.


Enzymes are the common name for the catalytic proteins produced in the cell of an organism, the substance that allows all the activities to take place to maintain the life of the organism. Whether it is an animal or a plant, as long as there is a certain place of life, there will be enzymes.

There are more than 5,000 types of enzymes at work in the body. There are two types of enzymes, one is synthesized in the human body (3,000 types are made by intestinal bacteria), the other is absorbed from the outside through food.

People with a good stomach and intestinal tract eat a lot of fresh foods that contain a lot of enzymes, which not only help absorb enzymes from outside the body but also create a favorable environment for intestinal bacteria, bacteria that create enzymes that can work well.

People with a bad stomach and intestinal tract always have a habit of using up all enzymes: drinking alcohol, tobacco, eating disorderly, eating foods containing many additives, stressful living environments, and using unhealthy foods. medicines… You should supplement foods containing enzymes, or functional foods that supplement enzymes for the body. Remember to save by using discount codes, coupons when shopping, saving is a way to make you happier, and also helps you to prolong your life.

Best Highlights for Longevity

Therefore, the amount and activity of enzymes greatly affect our health status. The amount of enzymes in the body is the key to holding the “destiny” of the organism. If there are many enzymes in the body, it means vital energy, and the body’s immunity is high. In other words, if we can control the consumption of enzymes, always maintaining a stable amount of enzymes also means that we maintain a good state of health for ourselves.

The Best Highlights for Longevity

Eating methods help prolong the life of SHINYA 

  • The ratio between plant foods and animal foods is 85% (~90%) with (10%~) 15%.
  • In terms of overall meals, cereals (including nuts and beans) account for 50%, vegetables and fruits account for 35% – 40%, and animal foods account for 10% ~ 15%.
  • With grains making up 50% of the whole meal, choose unrefined grains.
  • Regarding animal food, try to eat animal meat that has a lower body temperature than human body temperature, such as small shrimp (make sure you don’t eat spoiled shrimp), small fish, etc.
  • All foods are selected fresh, unrefined, trying to stay in their natural, unprocessed state.
  • Limit milk and dairy products as much as possible. (For people with lactose intolerance, people with allergies, or people who do not like this food, absolutely do not use it.)
  • Limit the use of margarine, eat fried foods.
  • Eat a little, chew well.

Feeling “happiness” is very important for people to be able to live a healthy life. And meals bring the greatest happiness to people. Forcing ourselves to eat unhealthy foods is not going to make us any healthier. Therefore, the Shinya method of eating that encourages both learnings from nature and being able to enjoy food is more important than anything else.

You can break the rule once in a while but still ensure 95% of the meal is healthy, the magic enzymes will still help you maintain stable health.

Mistakes should be avoided to prolong the life

Drinking tea: People who have a habit of drinking peppermint tea often have a bad stomach. Do not drink tea instead of water. For those who like to drink tea, only drink tea without pesticides and drink after eating. Drink only 2 to 3 cups of tea per day.

Drinking tea

Animal-based diet: accelerate maturation, aging process

Being sick, taking medicine: All medicines in Eastern and Western medicine are poisonous. The stronger the drug, the faster the effect, the more harmful it is. Medicines do not cure the root cause of the disease. It would be better if we just think of the drug as a means to help stop the symptoms that need to be stopped immediately such as severe pain, bleeding, etc. Then, during the time the patient takes the medicine to gradually reduce the pain, eliminate the causes of the disease, implement a lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and be disciplined so that the disease does not recur a second time.

  • Stomach: instead of abusing stomach medicine (acid-suppressing drugs), it is advisable to flexibly use functional foods with enzyme supplements
  • Avoid heartburn: need to prevent stomach acid from refluxing. Limit eating too much, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. Should eat dinner 4-5 hours before bedtime, go to bed empty stomach.
  • How to treat cancer: remove the parts that have metastasized to cancer, remove the factors that cause cancer (quit smoking, drinking alcohol, in 4-5 years must stop using it. meat, cow’s milk, and dairy products), practice the Shinya method of eating; support the patient mentally so that the patient feels happy. Therapeutic methods to improve the body’s resistance, fight cancer

“Hospital Meal” – Porridge: You should have a normal diet after surgery and chew thoroughly when eating to promote digestion and absorption.

Drink milk, yogurt, and dairy products: Not only does the marketed milk not contain the necessary enzymes, but the fat is also oxidized, and the protein is also modified at high temperatures. Therefore, this is the most harmful food for the body.

Drinking Too Much Cow’s Milk Leads to Osteoporosis: The absorption of milk and dairy products increases the likelihood of allergies, which is the cause of other dangerous diseases such as leukemia, diabetes …


Above are the best highlights for longevity in this book. It is only a small part drawn from the book “The Enzyme Factor”. “The Enzyme Factor” is a very useful book for you, widely sold on e-commerce sites. You can use discount codes or coupons to save money when buying. Buy a book and take the time to adjust your eating and living habits! You only have one life to live, so try to live it as best you can and with as few illnesses as possible!