Popular Flower Gifting

Popular Flower Gifting Days in Australia

It is common knowledge that gifting flowers is one way to show love and emotion to a special person. Flowers have played an important part in the social life of every culture throughout the world. People order flowers online to send to their special someone, whether there is an occasion or not.

Meaning of Flowers for Gifting

Different flowers have different meanings when given as a gift. For a person that is wooing his or her intended partner, choosing the right flower may be crucial to be successful in the courtship. Here are some common flowers and their attached meanings.

  • Roses

Roses, especially the pink, red, and white varieties, denotes love, affection, and friendship.

  • Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria, also known as the garden lily, in the Australian context, is given as gifts for prosperity, good fortune, and wealth.

  • Amaryllis

The amaryllis flower is a symbol of inspiration, poetry, and beauty.

  • Carnations

Carnations are given as tokens of friendship, admiration, and loyalty.

  • Gerberas

Gerberas provide a sense of hope, peace, and serenity.

  • Lilies

White lilies stand for peace, love and purity.

  • Lavender

Lavender denotes grace, elegance, and refinement.

  • Aster, Daisies, Irises

These three flowers are symbols of praise, appreciation, and thoughtfulness.

Popular Flower Giving Days in Australia

It is natural for Australians to give presents to their friends and loved ones when occasions call for gifting. There are a few days in Australia when the best thing to give as gifts are flowers. Here are some of them.

  • Valentine’s Day

Also known as the “International Day of Love”, February 14 is celebrated by lovers all over the world. Within this day, lovers show their feelings for each other and one of the best ways to show that is to order flowers online to be sent to the workplace or home of your special someone. The most popular flower given during this occasion is the rose which symbolises love, romance, and affection. It has been common knowledge that three roses symbolise “I love you.” However, you can break away from tradition by sending your loved ones other bouquets aside from roses.

  • Women’s Day

Australia set-asides March 8 as a day to celebrate International Women’s Day. Flowers are always an excellent gift to show women that they are cared for. Depending on your level of admiration for a particular woman, you can choose to give her different types of flowers. For example, if you want to show your appreciation to your women employees, send them bouquets of aster, daisies or irises, which symbolises your praise and gratitude for them.

  • Mothers’ Day

The most important woman in your life should be your mom, that is if you are still unmarried. The second Sunday of May is always set aside to celebrate Mothers’ Day. Show your mother appreciation and love for giving you the best upbringing that she can afford. Even if you already have your own family, gifting your mother a bouquet will show how much you love and appreciate her. Bouquets of roses, garden lilies, carnations, and orchids are the most popular gifts during mothers’ day.

Showing your appreciation, love, and gratitude to a person should not be limited to the occasions mentioned above. When you truly want to show your appreciation towards another person, you can order flowers online and send it immediately.