Black Diamond Necklace

Your Guide to Buying a Black Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are known to be a women’s best friend, symbolising everlasting beauty. And adding a new dimension to this segment is the black diamond jewellery, which is set intricately in different precious metals such as white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. Black diamonds offer a touch of elegance and sophistication and stand apart from the look offered by traditional white diamonds. So if you want to spruce up your ensemble and wardrobe, you should look at a black diamond necklace. These adornments are captivating because they are centred around a rare gemstone that bespeaks elegance, royalty, and romance. And to learn more about this seductively charming gem, continue reading!

Black diamonds are a form of diamonds with characteristic dark brown or black colour. These diamonds are scientifically known as Carbonado, a natural polycrystalline form of diamond found in alluvial deposits in some parts of Africa and Central America. While it might not seem like the obvious choice for jewellery material, simply because it does not have as much shine as regular diamonds and most people have not even heard of them, it is becoming increasingly popular in the jewellery industry.

Things to Look for When Buying a Necklace Adorned With a Black Diamonds

When choosing the traditional white diamond, you consider the 4C’s, and the same 4C’s need to be considered when buying a necklace studded with black diamonds. So continue reading and find out what they are.

1.     Cut

Well, if you are a diamond connoisseur, you must know that cut of a diamond refers to the stone’s proportions, polish, and finish, not its shape. Most of the black diamonds found naturally come with a simple cut of sixteen facets, but make sure their surface is smooth with no cracks. Meanwhile, when a diamond is mined from the earth, it looks like a piece of glass; experts cut the diamond with precise facets.

2.     Carat

Carat is the same as that of a white diamond; it refers to the weight of the diamond. So the more the carat, the heavier the diamond will be. So one thing you need to keep in mind is that black diamonds are heavier than white diamonds. That means a one-carat black diamond will look smaller than a colourless one-carat diamond. So whatever diamond you are looking for in your necklace, consider buying a one-half or two-carat larger gem.

3.     Clarity

In general, clarity refers to how clear a diamond is. But in the case of black diamonds, clarity refers to the stone’s lustre and making sure it has no surface chips or cracks, as you will find that the black diamond necklaces have sparkling, glossy surfaces. Besides this, don’t forget to check for Triple-A grade diamond; it is the best-rated grade.

4.     Colour

Just like colourless diamonds, black diamonds are also crystallised carbon. These gems’ dark brown or black colour is due to the tiny cracks found throughout the stone’s surface that contain sulphides or graphite. It could also be caused by changes when a near-white diamond is subjected to very high temperatures. So a diamond that comes dark coloured naturally from the ground is rare and therefore more expensive.

Black diamond necklace, ring, and earring that comes to the market are treated by exposing them to high heat. There is nothing wrong with doing this, and a treated stone is often of better quality. But, if you feel you have to have a black diamond that has not been treated, look for one advertised as untreated or GIA Certified.

Besides quality checks, it is also essential to consider the diamond setting when buying a necklace. As such, black diamonds are already stunning to look at when set with white gold or yellow gold; the brilliance of the blend is beautiful and eye-catching.

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