Medical Marijuana

5 Ways To Get More Reviews On Your Medical Marijuana Business

Successful and popular companies get ahead of their competition partly due to their popularity. Because of technology and globalization, many companies rely on their customers’ praises and recommendations for publicity.

The probability of attracting customers to your company is high if a lot of people like your product. The satisfaction your target market sings about is going to be a major boost in sending your marijuana business very far.

In reality, whenever people get a recommendation from someone they know, it saves them the time and effort of searching. Good reviews, when combined with white label Link building, can drastically improve your ranking online.

Here are five ways that medical marijuana businesses can implement today to bring in more reviews.

First of all, you need to acknowledge quality is of itself an effective advertisement. When you provide customers with high-standard products with good customer services, people notice.

Companies that provide good products can quickly surpass their competition with reviews. People are more likely to tell their friends and family about that product that worked for them. And since many people trust the recommendations or praises of people they know, you’ve secured one new customer.

Hence, if your product is different from that of your competition due to higher quality, the reviews you receive and how it relates to potential customers push your products to the top.

  • 2. Website Reminders

Website Reminders
Online reviews have had an even greater effect on businesses lately. Great online reviews from your customers encourage prospects to buy your products. One effective way to get your customers to leave a review is to remind them whenever they visit your website or make a purchase on your online store. Visit a medically-endorsed store to get a medical marijuana card here-

As a medical marijuana business, you would have no problems attracting prospective customers. Many people use marijuana for different medical purposes. Thus, your website must remind your customers to leave honest reviews about their experiences. It encourages you to do better while racking up popularity among your competitors and customers. Even better is when you offer a small discount as a reward for reviews.

  • 3. Promotions and Discounts

Special Prices
Your business could also get more reviews by sending occasional emails to customers. These emails could express your gratitude for the reviews they left. If you usually send “Thank You” emails to customers who leave reviews, you will likely get more of them. These emails could also entail promotions, discounts, and rewards – things that people who leave reviews might enjoy.

This approach would urge others who do not usually take part to leave their reviews too. This could either be in person or via the internet. Customers love discounts and promotions. Hence, they waste no time participating in activities that can potentially help them get these rewards.

You can also make provisional discounts and promotions for customers who do not follow you closely on the internet. That is, those who prefer to leave reviews in person, there would be an evident boost.

  • 4. Responses to Reviews

Many companies and businesses usually overlook this fact. Customers pay attention to the kind of responses they get from a review. Your marijuana business should handle negative reviews professionally, especially by asking for ways to improve.

But, you should also make sure to put these suggestions into action. Once your customers begin to see changes, your positive reviews will skyrocket.

You can also acknowledge positive reviews to make those who leave them feel included. Although it is a business, customers that feel appreciated have a greater probability of returning. They are also the ones with a bigger chance of bringing you a new customer.

  • 5. Interact With Clients Using Other Platforms

Social Media
As a business, you can use your social media accounts to get your customers to leave reviews. You can ask them interesting and creative questions. You then link them to your review page so that interested customers can make their opinion known.

Medical marijuana is a diverse topic. There are several ways to catch a prospective customer’s attention. This method, combined with a discount or some form of reward, would cause customers to flock to your review page in big numbers.

Using other social media platforms might be more effective because not all prospects would find your business via your website. As a business in this perpetually progressing technological era, it’s necessary to be versatile.


Due to recent technologies such as the internet and social media, strangers have as much power to convince prospects just like family members and loved ones did back in the day. For local and small businesses, reviews can make or unmake you.

Before anyone decides to buy a product or service from a company, all they have to do is type a few words into google and voila! Whatever they end up finding would help them choose to proceed or change their minds altogether.

Thus, if your sales seem to be declining, there is a strong possibility that you are not paying attention to your reviews as much as you should. Hopefully, these five points will help turn things around.