Building Your Brand

7 Ways You Can Level up Your Business by Building Your Brand with a Promotional Product

According to market research, consumer purchases are memory-based. It means that when a person purchases something, they somehow remember the brand. Modern consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. If you don’t have the budget to market to customers across different platforms and devices or the creativity to make a truly outstanding ad that can rise above the noise, your company may likely end up lost in the ocean.

Promotional products play a huge role in the tendency of humans to feel overwhelmed enough to repay and reciprocate when a gift is given. The human consciousness is wired to respond to the rule of reciprocity, which applies to all gifts received, whether it is a material item, a heartfelt deed, or a generous act.

Business Gifts

Send the message that your company values its business connections by giving key clients, vendors, and partners promotional items that have your logos regularly. If you want to level this up, find out something your recipient will truly enjoy and give a gift that targets their passion. For example, if your most important client enjoys cigars, gift them with a cigar box or lighter that has your logo.

Employee relations

Studies reveal that the satisfaction of employees is closely connected with benefits and freebies rather than salary. Give new employees products that have your logo and brand which has a practical use on the job. Offer these promotional products during the orientation program and get things rolling.

Corporate identity at trade shows

A huge influence on success in trade shows is booth engagement. Make a strategy to hand out branded products to guests and passersby or place your products in an easy to access location.

Company stores 

It is crucial to make promotional items available in your store to build a following for your brand. These items can be distributed as part of a bonus plan or given for free to potential clients.

Charity events

Do you have a cause you feel intensely about? If your company is a donor to certain nonprofit organizations, level it up by donating your promotional item. Nonprofit events often come up with goody bags for fundraising events that contain several promotional items. It will be an excellent way to help people see your brand out there and connect with a cause they also feel passionate about.

Employee Incentive Programs

Promo items don’t need to be given out exclusively in an event. These can also be given as incentives to drive your employees to reach goals. Consider an incentive program that marks different levels of achievement with promotional gifts that serve as milestones. Your employees will not only have something to look forward to, but they will also feel extremely proud to have reached certain levels of rewards that can serve as a status symbol within the company.

Introducing a product

Do you have an upcoming brand-new product? When you give new products to employees, visitors, and clients at an event, you can get honest feedback before it gets sold on the market. This strategy can be utilized in introducing new services as well.


In the loud and noisy, colourful marketing arena, your brand must stand out. Build a strategy around creating promotional products so your audience will always remember you. There are plenty of opportunities for you to promote your brand, so be sure to make an optimum impact on these events to send the message of your company.

Author: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.