Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers: Is It Necessary?

Water is an invaluable resource, and we humans have learned it after making numerous mistakes over decades and centuries of history. As humans, we never understood the impact of pollution or overexploitation of the scarce freshwater resources in recent history. Now when we have understood, humans have developed science and technology to protect and efficiently use the available water without wastage. Water conservation, water purification, and water recycling are the various aspects we have worked for betterment. In this article, let’s learn about the water purification systems and that in the home or office setting. Also, we will learn about the various servicing aspects of the water purifier as a product. 

What Is The Science Behind Water Purifiers?

Water purifier systems mostly work on the principle of reverse osmosis, and this technology is scaled down from industrial-size purifiers to purifiers fit for households or offices. Since the whole system is an outcome of complex science methodology, it’s not something that a layman can understand and just like other household things we think we can fix. The water purifier is not a cakewalk. When significant water purifiers malfunction at an industrial level, they are only set and looked at by experienced and learned service engineers. The latter knows what the machine does and what science is behind it. Doing an RO Service for a household RO water purifier is no different and is as complicated as the industrial ones. Even we can say more because we have fitted a sizable complex purification system into a smaller one with moving parts that are now tinier. 

What Is RO Technology?

An RO-based water purifier, as mentioned earlier, uses the reverse osmosis method. In this method, water is pushed around with a great deal of pressure through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane is so good that it does not let the pure water molecules pass through anything unwanted. There is a network of such membranes in these water purifiers. Also, nowadays, we have UV technology aligned with RO technology. Here, once the RO process is done, water is pushed through a chamber exposed to low-frequency ultraviolet rays. The frequency used for the UV rays is harmless for humans but enough to kill all pathogens, bacteria, or viruses present in the water. So now your water is completely pure and fit to drink. Though earlier, it was a complaint that RO takes out everything from water, the bad, and good. So yes, if the water is pure enough to cause you no harm. It has nothing which can even benefit you other than quenching your thirst. Over the period with more technology coming in now, we have RO purifier systems that retain the right minerals in the water and only take out the bad ones. 

Why Do We Need Regular Servicing?

Now coming to the point of having to buy an RO water purifier to get it serviced is a process that every potential buyer has to go through. Realizing that you and your family need a water purifier comes from the fact that you are not satisfied with the water supplied to your home. It can be used for daily household stiff but not fit to drink. This is something ubiquitous nowadays in urban India. With the rising population and increasing pressure on civic amenities, water supply quality has come down with time. 

Some cities have worked to improve but in many situations are very dire. Once the decision is made, you must start deciding your budget and the brand you want to buy. Budgeting is essential because it’s not something that comes with time investment. An RO water purifier will demand cost around the year around maintenance and services. It will also cost you almost every year a fair amount of money on the filters and cartridges which need to be replaced. So you have to be ready for that. 

Once this is done, start looking at the product’s servicing aspects by researching its brand value and service experience on internet forums. You can even gather their customer care numbers and listen to them. Maybe try and visit their brand showroom and service centers. All of this will give you an idea about how good or bad the post-sales service situation is. You can also get to know how much all this maintenance will cost you over the years to come regularly. And you must know that you cannot ignore these maintenance needs as if you do, then you will be at the receiving end of health issues. Because using a water purifier with old filters is as good as using nothing. 


The benefits of using water purifiers are many. Once you buy and get it installed by the engineer and do the maintenance and replacement timely, you will understand how important it is for you and your family’s health. And one should not compromise on the health by buying a product with poor performance or poor after-sales service.