Mathilde Lacombe

Mathilde Lacombe: The Journey of a Successful Entrepreneur

Mathilde Lacombe is a name that has become synonymous with entrepreneurship and success. As the co-founder of Birchbox France and the creator of the beauty brand, La Provinciale, Mathilde has cemented her status as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in France.

From humble beginnings as a beauty blogger, Mathilde’s journey to success has been nothing short of inspiring. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Mathilde Lacombe’s journey, exploring the key moments that have shaped her success, and the lessons we can learn from her journey.

The Early Days

Mathilde Lacombe’s story begins in the early days of the beauty blogging boom. In 2007, Mathilde launched her beauty blog, La Vie en Blonde, as a way to share her passion for beauty and connect with other beauty enthusiasts.

It didn’t take long for Mathilde’s blog to gain traction, and soon she was one of the most influential beauty bloggers in France. Her writing and photography skills, combined with her deep knowledge of the beauty industry, quickly set her apart from the rest.

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Launching Birchbox France

It was Mathilde’s success as a blogger that caught the attention of Birchbox co-founder, Katia Beauchamp. In 2011, Katia reached out to Mathilde about launching Birchbox in France, and Mathilde jumped at the opportunity.

The launch of Birchbox France was a huge success, with Mathilde’s deep knowledge of the French beauty industry and her passion for discovering new products proving to be invaluable. Birchbox France quickly became one of the most successful Birchbox launches, and Mathilde’s role in its success cannot be overstated.

Creating La Provinciale

In 2017, Mathilde took the leap and launched her own beauty brand, La Provinciale. Inspired by the natural beauty and simplicity of life in the French countryside, La Provinciale has become one of the most popular beauty brands in France.

Mathilde’s vision for La Provinciale was to create a brand that celebrated the beauty of everyday life, and that was accessible to everyone. With a focus on natural, sustainable ingredients and beautiful, minimalist packaging, La Provinciale has quickly become a favorite among beauty enthusiasts.

Lessons from Mathilde Lacombe’s Journey

Mathilde Lacombe’s journey to success is full of valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Here are just a few:

  1. Follow your passion – Mathilde’s success is a testament to the power of following your passion. By starting her beauty blog and pursuing her love of beauty, Mathilde was able to turn her passion into a successful career.
  2. Embrace new opportunities – Mathilde’s decision to join Birchbox France was a big risk, but it paid off. By embracing new opportunities and taking chances, Mathilde was able to achieve great success.
  3. Stay true to your values – Mathilde’s commitment to natural, sustainable beauty products is a core value that has guided her success. By staying true to her values, Mathilde has been able to build a brand that is both successful and meaningful.

In conclusion, Mathilde Lacombe is a true inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. Her journey from beauty blogger to successful entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and perseverance. By following in her footsteps and embracing the lessons she has taught us, we can all achieve our own success.