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Top Checks To Consider Before Finalising Your Tattoo Artist

The epicentre of Australian style will forever be Melbourne. Style permeates the entire city, from the “Paris end” of Collins Street to the maze of alleys. Melbourne residents are not just leaders of apparel fashion but also of body art like brow tattoos.

If you are a resident who finally decided to get your eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne, you might be presented with a new dilemma. Deciding which artist or studio to visit because there are so many salons and artists offering permanent cosmetics and microblading services all over the place. Since microblading is a significant operation for the face, choosing the correct artist is crucial to the decision-making process.

Before having your eyebrows done, you should be aware of the following:

Check For Website

This is an obvious pointer. You may learn a lot about your artist from their website. Background information, list of services, pricing range, often asked questions, photo gallery, contact information, etc. A website is similar to a brief CV that you may look at before deciding if the person is the proper fit for you. Websites with little to no information should be avoided. This is a blatant indication that your artist doesn’t think giving the audience enough information about them and their offerings is vital. What time will they spend on you if they don’t spend time on their website?

Look For Licenced And Trained Professionals

Microblading eyebrows is a true art and science! Many people are certified and qualified, but only some are genuinely highly competent, just like in all the arts and sciences. Therefore, you should consider their artistic aptitude while picking your microblading artist. Someone with artistic skills is instrumental in ensuring you receive excellent results since microblading takes accuracy and finesse.

Use And Disposal Of Materials

In reality, microblading involves making wounds in the skin and injecting colour there. Therefore, it is crucial that your artist, whomever they may be, take the necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination and to disinfect, sterilise, and prevent infection. To prevent any danger of cross-contamination, they must exclusively use sterile blades, medical-grade disinfectants, medical-grade anaesthetics, and disposable goods. Following the treatment, all blades and instruments are discarded into a sharps receptacle. Not everybody follows these guidelines. Some businesses provide microblading at unbelievably low prices but consider if their work is of a good standard and, more importantly, whether they use sterile, high-quality materials.


The most crucial part of your face is your brows; choosing them incorrectly may lead to years or perhaps a lifetime of suffering. It’s because pricing shouldn’t be your primary concern regarding the health of your brows! Be wary of anyone who advertises costs less than the norm for the sector. These individuals frequently lack the necessary training, are uncertified in microblading, utilise goods of poor quality, reuse unsterilised instruments, and frequently have no prior experience operating on people. Why would you cut corners when it comes to your looks if you wouldn’t otherwise know about your health?


An eyebrow tattoo in Melbourne is now prepared to be fashionable for a long time. Remember how closely you adhere to the post-care instructions will determine how long your new brows will last. Now that you essentially know everything there is to know about microblading, start looking for the best artist you can find and start enjoying the life of your brows.

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