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Identifying the Finest Whisky in Australia

Picking good whisky in Australia can be challenging, especially when you don’t have much experience drinking it. You will come across dozens of brands at local alcohol stores, wineries, cellar doors, and many more options if you go to a bar specialising in it.

A History of Whiskies in Australia

Australians have produced whiskies since the mid-19th century, but the contemporary industry started only in the initial years of the 1990s.

Over the next decades, people in Tasmania started producing tiny sums of this popular beverage. It was solely for local drinkers and the infrequent tourists. And today, you can find a streak of options that are matchless and vibrant.

You can identify the finest whiskies in this country once you start exploring properly. This post would help you with some points to make the right choices.

Know the Difference between Single Malts and Blends

One of the most crucial factors that impact the taste of different whiskies is how they have been mixed. You should know that all these drinks are either single malt or blended.

A single malt drink is formed with water and malted barley in a vessel. It emerges from a single distillery, but it can contain the whisky from several batches and barrels.

  • Single Malt Drink

Single malt makers aim to form a drink with distinguishing flavours that demonstrate the style of a single distillery. For example, if you speak of Hellyers Road Original, it is a true Australian single malt.

  • Blended Option

Blended varieties are a drink with two or more single malt whiskies made at different distilleries. These are mixed up to create a new flavour profile. Here, the goal of the manufacturer is to form a smooth and adaptable beverage.

Some people love distinguishing flavours of single malt, and some prefer a more delicate and smooth blended drink. Once you give a try to a few whiskies, you will also develop a preference. This makes it easy to pick a fine drink option.

Old is Gold

You might have heard people saying that whisky improves with age. Well, it is right. Since it is the case, most of the distilleries place their whisky into an oak barrel for a minimum of three years.

During this time, the drink leaks into the pores of the wood and engrosses some of its flavours. After some time in the tub or barrel, the drink starts to evaporate, and it ends up in the mellower flavour.

You can look for a well-aged beverage because it will tend to be more pleasant and have a rich flavour profile. Old whiskies are indeed an essential point for you to identify the finest option.

Also, keep in mind that the type of wood used to prepare the barrels in which the whiskies ages can also dramatically impact the drink’s flavour.

Hence, once you keep these things in mind, identifying the finest whisky option in Australia would be easy for you. In most cases, it is an acquired taste that develops more if you try various options.