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7 Types Of Car Paint Flaws That Cut And Polish Detailing Can Correct

Owning a car is like having a baby. You need to make sure that everything is to make it work properly. Maintaining the car engine is crucial to help the car accelerate better. At the same time, the breaks and tires must be regularly checked to ensure that the vehicle will take you to different places in the safest way possible.

Aside from these car parts, the maintenance of the vehicle’s interiors must also be a priority. Car enthusiasts always take pride in their vehicles, which is why they want every inch of the car shiny and clean. It made car paint correction services popular among car owners.

Because of this, Australian car cleaners started to offer car detailing services like Jims cut and polish which can eliminate minor car paint blemishes.

There are plenty of benefits that cut and polish services can do for your vehicle. If you notice any of these marks on your car, then you must visit the nearest car detailing services provider like jims cut and polish.

Swirl Marks

The cobweb-like microscopic scratches in the upper layer of the car’s exterior paint are called swirl marks. Regular incorrect washing and drying done in cars using dirty sponge and chamois cause these flaws.

Entry Marks

The car’s exterior paints can get minor scratches in the door handle due to car keys, rings, or long fingernails. These scratches called entry marks can leave unsightly impressions if left untreated. Since these are slightly deeper than swirl marks, the cut and polish method cannot completely take it away. Instead, it can improve the paint job to make it look almost invisible.

Trail Marks

If you often take your vehicle in areas with heavy vegetation, the plants may rub against the sides of the car. These instances can leave visible scuffs in the car paint. Some of these scruffs are shallow enough for cut and polish services to fix. This car detailing service can also get rid of deeper scratches with regular sessions.

Bird Droppings 

Parking the car in an open space can put it at risk of exposing it in various elements, including bird poop. Bird droppings are highly acidic and must be wiped immediately. If left untreated, it will begin eating the paint coat causing irreparable damages. The cut and polish method can help remove the etched outline left by the bird poop if done as soon as possible.


The outline or distinguishable stencil marks left by the decals and stickers on the car’s paint are referred to as the ghosting marks. It makes the fresh paint under the decals look more striking compared to the exposed part. These flaws are corrected by using the cut and polish methods.

Oxidised Paint

The exterior of the car may look dull and chalky due to the breakdown of the paint. It is the result of too much exposure to the sun, oxygen, and water. A good car detailing company can fix these flaws.

Water Spots

There are different types of water spots in car paints, but the most common comes from mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium present in your water supply. It can leave unsightly marks. Fortunately, you can have it removed using cut and polish services.

Taking your car to a reputable auto detailing company can help save its exterior damages from noticeable hideous marks. If you can maintain the vehicle’s shiny exterior, you will be able to keep its aesthetics and high value for as long as possible.