Choose and Pair your favourite jewellery with class and confidence

Gold or Silver? Choose and Pair your favourite jewellery with class and confidence!

Often people choose jewelry according to their complexion. In old times, dark skin tones usually went with silver, while paler complexions with rose undertones had to settle on silver.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it, and we believe that as well; the trick is to balance the skin tone by not heaving on too much gold or silver together; the rest is all a myth!

Gold :

Necklaces –

Gold always works for you, irrespective of your complexion. For your jewelry to suit you and your occasion, it’s upon your outfit to add the right glam. The cultural and bohemian jewelry designs like the gold sun necklace or the mandala gold necklaces have a deep root in the Asian culture.


For a caftan or an oversized jacket, hoop gold circle earrings work great. The necklaces also look amazing for an evening party and out-of-crowd look. Remember ‘you don’t need to look perfect; you just need to look at yourself.’

Your gold earrings will look great with pearls or gemstones. Using the organic shaped pearls in a floating hammered gold hoop or organic healing stones such as Crystal Quartz makes the jewelry twice more precious for the wearer. 

Accessory and Makeup with the contrasting gold-

Hairstyle- Top knots, fishtail braids, open weaves low, wrapped ponytail, or asymmetrical bob.

Makeup- Bronzer to highlight the warm color of the gold on your cheekbones, forehead, and the bridge of your nose. Use a nice kohl eyeliner with a slight pout with red lips and cat eyes to complete the look. 



Silver highlights crystals with a shiny and more intricate appeal. Silver jewelry works amazingly well with evening wear to perfectly compliment the dawn. Silver is known to play with natural light and works well with the moonlight. The sterling silver cross necklace or multi-circle silver boho necklace signifies ancient beauty and wisdom. 


The dramatic shoulder-grazing earrings, styled with layers of eccentric hoops, are a perfect add-on to any club or expensive restaurant. The hammered disk earrings with a matt finish are hand-made out of sterling silver. The minimal work earrings go well with jeans or a party dress.

Accessory and Makeup with the contrasting silver-

Hairstyle- a simple bun, loose straight hair, high pony, fishtail highlights the silver jewelry.

Makeup- Colors like yellow and purple and red and green work great if you blend them well. You can always have dark eyeshadow as white and black are complimentary. The classic combination of Red lips Eyeliner + silver jewel can never go out of style.

Apply some concealer and loose powder that complements that blush and enhances the look with the Eyeliner.

For a start, choose a dominant color and highlight it with another. You can always combine different colors of heaping and cocktail rings, layered necklaces, and colored bangles to see how they look.

About Astrid Schumacher–

Astrid Schumacher saw the birth of something entirely new, a blending of Eastern and Western urban boho chic cultures. The jewelry is an inspiration from the Yogic lifestyle that honors and cherishes the love for the ancient beauty and wisdom of the East while embracing the contemporary and urban roots.

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