Method Of Meditating With The Crystals

Method Of Meditating With The Crystals (Including Cleansing And Healing Techniques)

Crystals are gaining immense popularity that provides an earthly touch to your home. But crystals have been known to be used for more abstruse purposes. Crystals have a history of protecting and healing their users, and believers say that crystals have helped achieve a higher state of consciousness.

For this reason, healing crystal gift sets have gained immense popularity in recent years. 

Let’s understand how crystal meditation can help you connect with your grounded self and which methods suit you the best!

Crystals And Chakras:

The chakras are the energy conservations in your energetic body. Thus, the chakras represent the different parts of your physical and spiritual being.

Lay the crystals on your body and let the balancing and healing properties of the chakras activate and rebalance your energies. When placed on the chakras, the corresponding colored crystals align with your motives and goals. 

Crystal And Crystal Grids:

Not everyone wants to be near the crystals; you can create a crystal grid or circle. Place your crystals in a grid shape around you. The sacred geometrical shapes help you to focus on meditation. 

Just focus on the one specific issue in mind and let the energy work in a fledge. Your issues, the community issues, and the global problems are all part of the healing process. 

Crystals And Bath:

Crystals can easily help you meditate in a hot bath. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and step out with a fresh mind.

Bathing with crystals is suitable for all crystals except with selenite and calcite since they tend to dissolve easily. Keep the crystals in the water and bath, leaving all your worries behind. 

How To Start Meditating With The Crystals:

Cleanse the negative aura of your crystals using the appropriate methods for the particular crystal set. 

  • Expose the crystals under the moon or sunlight for several hours
  • Immerse the crystals in saltwater
  • Bury the crystals in a bowl of brown rice
  • Set the crystals under running water
  • Using sounds from chanting or singing bowls. 

Connecting to your higher self:

  • Connect slowly with your highest beings to help you in your meditation. 
  • Your intentions should be solely for good and humanity.
  • Feel your breath and the crystal vibrations. Slowly relax your breath and seek permission from the crystal to meditate. 
  • Acknowledge any distracting thought and feel the sensations from vibrations and visions to chase them away. 

After meditation, gradually feel your surrounding:

  • If you have been meditating with closed eyes, slowly open them and become aware of your surroundings.
  • Stretch your arms, fingers, and toes.Drink water to detoxify and be aware of your feelings and energies. 
  • Keep your crystals in a safe place after you are done.


Keep the crystals in your body for not more than 20 minutes. Remember, you deal with very powerful earthy forces, so it’s completely understandable to be overwhelmed at times. If you do not feel comfortable, take them away from you immediately and drink water. Crystal meditation is associated with several benefits, both emotionally and physically. 

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