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Smartphone Guide 101: Benefits and Reasons to Consider Before Renting a Cellphone

Mobile phone rental is a good choice not just for personal use, but also for businesses that need to provide dependable communication devices to their staff.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of mobile phone rental available, especially if customers are not technologically inclined. Instead, handset users’ selection should be based on their lifestyle and evaluate what they will use it.

Here Are Some Of The Essential Factors To Consider:

  • If users want a new phone every year, consider leasing
  • If users lease their phone rather than buy it on an installment plan, the monthly payments will be slightly lesser.
  • When traveling overseas, customers can rent a cell phone. It is advisable to rent one in the country users will visit. All local calls may be routed there, and there will be no additional expenses on the present smartphone. Furthermore, users can keep track of all expenditures on their primary phone.

What Is The Difference Between Leasing And Equipment Installment Plans?

People believe that leasing and EIPs are the same things because both are based on monthly payments for a certain period. However, there is one significant difference: Customers own their phones after two years with an EIP. Once they’ve paid off the gadget, they can keep using it with no further monthly hardware charges. The monthly hardware expenditures are fixed with a lease.

Monthly payments for a lease agreement are often cheaper than those for an EIP, just as they are typically lower in the short term when users rent rather than buying it. However, in the case of phones, customers pay a bit extra each month with an EIP since they are paying off the phone.

iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy

It is important to note that Samsung Galaxy phones run on Android and provide applications from Google Play, whereas iPhones run on iOS and offer apps from the Apple App Store. The variations between operating systems are noticeable and may influence the rental decisions.

In general, Android is seen as a more open platform, allowing more access to the phone’s programs and information. As a result, many IT professionals advocate Android smartphones to people who might benefit from the less limited access.

Android is also highly user-friendly, with an amazing voice-activated search program known as Google Assistant. Despite not being as widely renowned for their excellent photographic abilities as iPhones, most Android handsets have excellent cameras for individuals who are undecided about which operating system to use.

What Happens If The Contract Expires?

Remember, if you keep your phone after the two years required to pay it off with an EIP, the User will totally own the phone and effectively utilize a free smartphone with no monthly hardware purchase. But still, have to pay for the monthly data plan and any access costs charged by the carrier per line.

In Conclusion

The reduced monthly costs of renting may appear appealing. And, for those who need a new phone as frequently as possible, the flexibility to upgrade trumps the need to be tied to a carrier. However, if users intend to keep their phone for at least two years, purchasing it through an EIP is the better financial decision.

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