7 Myths About Stomach Ulcers Debunked

The most recurring problem that is on the rise when it comes to health issues is having stomach ulcers these days.  Most people ignore it and take it lightly as it is something like a fever or the flu. They try to cure it by using self-medication methods. With that comes a lot of other misconceptions as people are unaware of the causes and after-effects of the ulcers.

Al the diseases come with one or two complications, but if we talk about the most non-seriously taken diseases, ulcers come at the top. The best stomach specialist in Karachi says that the formation of ulcers is hard and complicated.

There are a number of other ulcers but stomach ulcers are the most common ones. The main reason for the formation of ulcers is a bacteria found in the stomach called H. Pylori (helicobacter pylori). With many confusions, myths, and misconceptions surrounding ulcers, here are 6 of the common myths with facts explained about this disease:

Myth 1: Spicy food is the main cause of stomach ulcers.

Spicy foods are not yet accused of being the prime reason behind the formation of stomach ulcers. However, if you previously have ulcers present in your stomach lining and you are consuming a diet that is full of spices, this can lead to the exasperation of the ulcers that are previously present in your stomach.

Not a lot of people believe in this, but to keep a check on your spice levels when you already have ulcers does matter a lot. Otherwise, your health can get even worse with time.  As far as triggering ulcer formation is concerned, there is no proven backing for that matter.

Myth 2:  Ulcers are caused by anxiety and stress

Stress can exasperate a medical issue that has been there from before, but it is never the sole cause of causing stomach ulcers to anyone. It is well known that stress is something that affects all the functions of your body not just your mental health. Our heart rate increased and the gastric juices in the stomach became active.

So, if there are already ulcers formed in your stomach this is not something that is suitable for your stomach health. As the degree of stress rises, ulcer pain gets serious and bad. So now you know why doors advise avoiding stress when you have stomach issues.

Myth 3: Ulcers are not remediable.

If the ulcer is identified early, it can still be treated. The treatment is always according to the cause of the ulcer and some other factors that are related to the one suffering.

It is essential and beneficial both to make sure you complete the prescribed course of the medication even if you have recovered. If you discontinue the medication in the middle you are welcoming a number of bacterial infections and adding on t make the condition worse.

Drugs like ibuprofen, aspirin, etc are the key factor, you can talk to your gastroenterologist and take some alternative options that can provide you with the same relief as other medications.

It is very important to stay away from drugs including smoking and drinking when you are getting your treatment done. These can bring various modifications to the body, including exasperation of stomach ulcers. They discharge numerous destructive and annoying substances that impair the linings of the gastrointestinal tract, raising the risk of stomach ulcers.

Myth 4: Milk recovers ulcers

Milk can neutralize the efforts of spices and reduce the spice effect for people suffering from ulcers. It can provide temporary relief from the effects of ulcers but is not an ultimate treatment. Milk is an alkaline drink that can counteract stomach acids.

It is firmly suggested that people having stomach ulcers discuss with their doctors and never run after self-medicating.

Myth 5: Smoking isn’t the cause of ulcer

Being a smoker increases the risk of every other disease including ulcers. Smoke annoys and agitates linings of the stomach that are already pretty sensitive. It messes up the normal blood circulation, which causes the fine blood vessels in the stomach to erode. Smoking can also hinder the standard process of healing.

Myth 6: Untreated ulcers are no problem

Ulcers can be cured and are treated better as soon as they are diagnosed. However,  it is better to start the treatment as soon as you get to know about the disease. If left untreated, this ulcer can go and cause serious problems for the one suffering.  For example untreated ulcers can cause internal bleeding and scars in the tissue.

Final Thought

Ulcers are treatable and are no bad news. With proper care and medication, these can be treated. An endoscopy is done to diagnose these. Visit gastroenterologists as soon as you observe the indications and signs.