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Best Tricks to Unlock Your Car If You Lost the Keys

There is nothing more irritating than realizing that you have lost your car keys or locked them inside your car while you are in a rush. Lucky cars of newer generations have systems that are designed to prevent that from happening but not all people have the desire to have or can afford them. So before you send your SOS text try some of these tricks that will help you get in your car without the keys.

The String Method

In order to do this, you will need to have some kind of string. Next, you will want to tie a knot in the string creating a look that is approximately the size of your index finger at the end of the string. Then you will want to shimmy the sting around to reach the right side of the driver’s window. While holding the string with both of your hands you will move it back and forth. You will need to loop over the lock and put the ends of the string to tighten the loop. Once you feel like you have a firm grip on it, gently pull it upwards in order to unlock the door.

The Coat Hanger Method

This method is a classic. All you need for this is obviously a metal coat hanger and pliers. You will need to use the pliers to unravel the coat hanger so that one side that is hooked and one that is straight. Next, you will want to slip the coat hanger between the window and the water stripping. Then you will need to position your hook below the window and start finding the control arm. Once you manage to find it you will pull on it and your door will open.

The Wedge Method

This method works but it’s a tricky one. In order to do this, you will need to find a strong tool that is thin and can be used as a wedge. When you have acquired your tool you will need to pull the top of your door frame with a pry tool while pushing the wedge in to hold your door frame out. Then with a long skinny rod of some sort, you will want to push the unlock button. But this one can go either amazing or bad. You can completely scratch the paint or tear the weather stripping and in some cases, you will even have to go get your top of your door realigned because if you use too much power with the wedge you will do more harm than good. Therefore before you start doing this think through how you will perform this maneuver and make sure that any possible repair costs are worth paying for if something goes wrong.

Enter Through the Trunk

If you have a car that has a manual lock there is a change that your trunk isn’t locked even if your car is. Before doing any other tricks check if you can get inside of it through the trunk. If it is open, do inside it, push the back seats forward or climb over them if possible. Once you have made your way inside you can manually open your door. Make sure that you don’t get stuck or that your trunk door doesn’t close on you and trap you inside of your trunk.

Call a Locksmith

If you don’t trust yourself that you won’t damage the car, you are scared that you will set off the alarm or simply don’t eat for people to think that you are stealing a car there is no shame in calling your local emergency locksmith. They will send someone right away and you will be in your car within minutes from when the locksmith shows up.

Use a Slim Jim

No, don’t use Slim Jim beef jerky, we are talking about the thing that you see in most movies when someone is stealing a car. Once again, you will need to have an older car that has manual locks. When you have gotten your hands on a Slim Jim or something like it you will want to slide it into the interior of your car the same way you would do with a coat hanger and work the locking mechanisms inside of the door. Using a Slim Jim you will avoid any unnecessary scratches and dents that can happen when you are using other tools to break in your car.

Use a Strip of Plastic

If you can find any of the tools mentioned before, try finding a strip of plastics and you will be able to get the job done. You will need to bend it in half and slide it through the crack of the door on the driver’s side. Unfortunately, this method will fork only if you have the pull-up type locks or any type of mechanism that can be triggered with a rod or access tool.

Before you attempt any of these tricks you need to ask yourself if you will cause more damage than good by doing it. Make sure that you stay safe and you don’t make it look like you are trying to steal a car.