How do the Level 2 Electricians Install Underground Cables?

There is a huge confusion among many people regarding the services which are provided by level 2 electricians. Level 2 electricians are called the Accredited and Authorized Service Provider (ASP). When you are facing any normal electrical problem, you have to contact a regular electrician. But in the case of installing underground cables, you need to go for the level 2 electrician.

Level 2 electricians are able to do all types of difficult electrical fieldwork like underground cable installation. Level 2 electrical contractors are very much proficient at protecting your house as well as electrical instruments. Underground cables installation is a level 2 electrical work that’s why any regular electricians cannot do it.

Burial Method

Underground cable installation is basically a process of laid the cables under the ground. The accuracy of the underground cables depends on the quality of cable joints and branch connections also. There are two types of burial methods present, such as direct burial method and semi burial method. Direct burial is the popular, cheapest, simplest, quickest approach method of installing underground cables.

This method uses the least derating of cables for good heat amusement. For this process, bituminized paper and hessian tapes are required which help to protect from corrosion and electrolysis. This process can be done by an ASP authorized electrician likeĀ level 2 electrician Liverpool. The main difference between direct burial and semi-direct burial is that the cables have gone through the stretchable HDPE, and it protects from physical damage.

Concrete Encased Duct Bank

This process is similar to a semi-direct burial. But the difference is that a concrete layer is built on all sides of the duct bank to give the mechanical protection and protect against short-circuiting. If the cables are perfectly laid into the ground, then only the underground network works. It is easy to repair damaged cables. Due to the safety purpose, you need to call a level 2 electrical contractor.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

This method involves the no-dig method. Level 2 electricians use a drilling machine at one end of the stretch to be covered. Then an HDPE conduit is pushed into the hole. Finally, cables go through the conduit. This also gives coverage like semi-burial. However, it hampers public transportation slightly.

Pipe Jacking

This technique uses a hydraulic pipe jacking machine that is placed at one end of the stretch to cover. It pulls a large steel pipe from to the other end. After that, the huge soil is removed from the pipe. Then conduits are pushed in the pipe and cable goes through the conduits. This underground cable installation method gives the highest protection. Level 2 service providers help to recover the damage of cables that is caused by any uncertain conditions.


In summary, it may be concluded that the installation method of underground cables is not such an easy job and for this, level 2 electricians play an inevitable role. Because they have the potential to do this type of difficult live electrical work perfectly.