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Planning a Trip to Atlanta – Top Things You Should Do

The top things to do in Atlanta, the capital city of Georgia, go beyond its soul food and the sweet summer weather. Atlanta has its own culture. It brings sports and also has the busiest airport in the world. As if that is not enough, there are gardens that many tourists fall in love with, historical sites to visit, and the city holds the smoothest ways of life. To help you see it all, this article gives you Atlanta’s bucket list.

Visit Georgia’s Aquarium

This indoor aquarium is the largest in the western hemisphere. It acts as a teaching hospital where over a hundred thousand different animals reside. Georgia’s aquarium holds enough freshwater as well as saltwater habitats. This feature keeps all sorts of tourists happy for a long time. The aquarium holds whale, dolphins, and penguins as well.

How About the High Museum of Art?

It is the globe’s best known and most beautiful museum. It was designed by an architect known as Richard Meier and holds a lot of work from around the world. The High Museum of Art includes a lot of fascinating things like traditional art and modern as well. The museum is also very strong in photography, especially from America. Even the layout itself with the white glass art can tell how striking it is. Please don’t miss this.

Visit Starlight Drive-In Theatre

It was opened up in 1949, but it is still a likable spot for dating for residents and tourists alike. Consider this as one of the places to visit when you come to Atlanta. But before you land, get in touch with luxury car rental in Atlanta to take you and your partner to this romantic destination in your high-end vehicles for snacks like candy, juice, and even popcorn. On weekends, especially on Saturdays, try going for shopping as this is when they give their offers. You will surely go home with a bag full of American goods such as clothes and the like.

Go to Paris on Pounce

Paris on Pounce has got a lot of things to please all kinds of visitors. It’s a good destination with many dealers selling items like estate jewelry, bridal gowns, and more. Don’t worry about the cash, you may not be able to drop it on the things being sold here, but you will surely appreciate the window shopping, and if you like, you can grab a cup of coffee from one of the coffee shops nearby.

Try Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is the place for all sorts of people including those who love picnics as well as bocce players. It has attractive greenery, beautiful waters, and animals. All of these natural features are a setting for many feasts throughout the year, for example, Dog Wood Feast. This makes it the best place to visit in the city.


Atlanta has loads of things for both adults as well as kids to do when you visit. Don’t be surprised to find more than what is already outlined in this article. Be sure that all of them are likable. After all, it’s up to you to choose what you want.