Tips from Top Tailors on How to Get Your First Bespoke Suit

Tips from Top Tailors on How to Get Your First Bespoke Suit

Getting a bespoke suit requires you to do more than just visiting a clothing store near you and picking a piece that attracts you. It is a suit created especially for you. An experienced tailor takes your measurements, listens to your needs, and makes a suit that fits you well. If you are on a mission to get your first bespoke suit, this article offers tips from top tailors to help you. 

A suit is a suit. Right? No, especially when it comes to a bespoke suit. Unlike any other cloth type, it is a piece created from scratch, which means you cannot buy a bespoke suit from a brand’s showroom or a popular online clothing store.  

Here, you work with a bespoke tailor. For example, if you are in New York City, you need to reach the best bespoke tailor in NYC to discuss your requirements and help the expert craft a suit that fits you well.

However, finding a tailor and getting your bespoke suit tailored is a time-consuming process, especially when it is your first time.

Here are some tips by experienced tailors to help you in the process:

1. Ready-to-wear, Made-to-measure, or Bespoke Suit

What is a bespoke suit, and why should you get one? 

A ready-to-wear suit is a mass-produced type. It is created in a factory and sold at clothing stores. You can wear it right after the purchase or after making some tailoring adjustments. 

On the other hand, a made-to-measure suit is crafted to fit you. Although their measurements are adjusted, they come with a pre-existing design. 

A bespoke suit is made from scratch. A tailor takes your measurements and crafts it while taking your requirements into account. From the design and fitting to cloth type, several things about your bespoke suit are decided by you. 

2. Suit or Tuxedo

A tux is more fashionable than a suit, but the former can be worn only for a few occasions like a wedding or an informal party. Also, a tuxedo suit is more expensive than a suit. 

On the other hand, a suit is a more formal type that can be worn for various occasions, ranging from a business meeting to a party. You can also wear a suit for informal events like weddings and galas. 

3. Cloth Type

Each cloth type has its occasion. For example, barathea is ideal for special occasions, while cashmere makes a comfortable option for winters. For spring, linen can be a good choice. Similarly, there are many other cloth and fabric types to choose from. 

Before working with the best suit tailor in NYC for your bespoke suit, decide on the cloth type you require for your suit. While choosing one, ensure that the cloth belongs to a popular brand. 

4. Special Requirements

Do you want a two-piece of a three-piece suit? Should the lapel be notched, shawl, or peaked? What should be the pants cuff style? What is the right choice: no vent, single vent, or double vent? Do you wish your suit to be single or double-breasted? 

While working with a tailor on measurements, share your special requirements with the expert to ensure that the end results match your dream suit. A good bespoke tailor will listen to you carefully and provide you with suggestions. 

In the End

These are some tips by professionals that can help you find the right tailor for your first bespoke suit. Remember, a good tailoring house believes in developing a long-lasting relationship with its customers. It will work closely with you to ensure that the suit looks and fits exactly like your dream suit.