8 Practical Tips for a Clean and Sustainable Home Laundry

8 Practical Tips for a Clean and Sustainable Home Laundry

If your goal is to save energy and reduce toxins in your home, then a few practical tips in this publication will help you not only save money but also reduce environmental damage.

The first thought that comes to mind when contemplating energy savings is buying a new energy-efficient washing machine or relying on San Diego Laundromat.

But, fortunately, this is not the only way (and not the cheapest, it should be noted).

Readers of the Interior of Rooms portal will be able to start an eco-friendly program for the improvement of the laundry today, at no additional cost, without changing the design of the laundry.

We hope these energy saving tips will help you with this.

1. Wait until the washing machine is fully loaded. Some newer energy efficient machines have special settings to use less water if the washing drum is not full.

If your machine is not so advanced, then wait until the washing machine of dirty clothes is full.

By reducing the number of washes by just one load of laundry per week, you can significantly save on energy in terms of annual costs or you can also go for free laundry pick up San Diego.

2. Swap your regular powder for an eco-friendly brand. Choosing a non-toxic, biodegradable laundry detergent is the first step towards reducing toxins in your home and protecting our planet.

Currently, there are enough well-known brands on sale that have high biological standards.

3. Wash almost everything in cold water. About 90% of water heating goes to washing machines, this is the statistics of energy companies.

Coldwater, together with powder, washes no worse than hot washing, so you not only save energy but also reduce wear and tear on your clothes.

Use hot water only when you need to disinfect something, for example, if someone is sick, and also to clean the room where the sick person was. Choosing the best laundromat in San Diego is also the best option if you’re looking for effortless laundry services in your city.

4. Choose energy efficient home appliances. If it’s time to change your old washing machine to a new one, pay attention to the special energy saving icon on the packaging of goods in the store.

New household appliances can use an incomplete drum filling and consume 30% less energy.

5. Cut back on dry brushing. The dry cleaning process uses harmful chemicals, particles of which can remain on clothes.

You bring these tiny harmful particles home from dry cleaning, and you could not only save on such trips but also preserve your health.

Try using a “hand wash” cycle in a washing machine. As a last resort, delicate garments can be hand washed.

Try to avoid buying clothes that only require dry cleaning.

Try to find a “green” dry cleaner in your city that uses less environmentally harmful chemicals, but it is important to be confident in the way these businesses operate.

6. Dry delicate items on the drying rack. Washing machines are becoming more energy efficient, but dryers are still a long way off. The thing is that there is a significant difference in the principle of their work.

Try to use the dryer less often, many things dry well on folding racks.

By not hot air drying delicate garments, you not only save money but also extend the life of your garments.

7. Fight stains with natural products. Before you start removing stains with strong chemicals, try something lighter. Cornstarch and baking soda work great at soaking up oily stains.

Hydrogen peroxide can act as a bleach (it is the main ingredient in store-bought products without the use of chlorine). Ordinary vinegar can also help fight dirt and stains.

8. Set up your laundry for success. A soaking basin on the washing machine will remind you of the immediate fight against stains, soaking especially soiled clothes.

It is very convenient to use a special reminder for removing various stains, which is located at the level of your eyes above the washer and dryer.