Picking The Right Vanity For Your Remodel

5 Things You Need To Consider When Picking The Right Vanity For Your Remodel

With all the options available on the market, choosing the right bath vanities could be an overwhelming task. But because the right bath vanity unit can make or break the overall design of your bathroom remodel, it may be the most important decision you will make.

Bathroom vanities offer a quarter of the functionality of your bathroom, with each unit – the shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink – representing a quarter each. Because the vanity is the only functional and decorative unit, making the right decision is imperative to setting the tone of the overall design of your space.

However, before you can come up with the right decision, there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing the right vanity. Keep on reading to know more.


Since you will be doing just a renovation, it will be best to keep to your bathroom’s original plumbing. Unless you are willing to actually pay extra to move your original plumbing to a different area in your bathroom, that will account for a big chunk of your remodeling budget. Switching from a floor to a wall-mounted vanity unit will also mean additional plumbing work and, therefore, additional budget. Placing your new bath vanity close to your original plumbing will save you from additional costs.

Plumbing is also a major consideration when it comes to the size of your new vanity unit. So naturally, you want to choose one that will accommodate the size of your existing pipes. After all, one of the functions of a vanity unit is to hide your unsightly plumbing.


In considering the design of your remodel, you always want to make sure that there is a clear path for your room’s traffic flow. Therefore, you must place your new vanity unit in a space that won’t block the bathroom or shower room door.

Cleaning your space should also be a consideration when it comes to your unit’s placement. Make sure you have ample space on the sides of your unit so you can clean it whenever necessary.

Lastly, a vanity is a functional unit that you can customize to fit your needs. You can add drawers, shelf space, vanity, and cubby holes for additional storage. Make sure that the space assigned for your vanity can accommodate the structural elements you would add to your vanity unit and that they will be easily accessible by anyone.

Size Matters

Always keep in mind the size of your bathroom before deciding on the size of your vanity unit.  It won’t make sense if you choose a vanity that doesn’t fit in your bathroom, even if you need quite a lot of storage space.

Another consideration when it comes to size is the needs of the people that will be using it. Do you have small children? Make sure that they can have access to the countertop and the sink. Or better yet, make the design of your bathroom to be kid-friendly.


Because creating extra storage space is one of the functions of a vanity unit, this should be one of your considerations. Knowing what items you will need in your space will help you decide how much additional storage space you require in your vanity unit.

Make sure to organize your items. Place just the essentials in your vanity and create a separate cabinet for other items you don’t always need. Knowing the items, you need space for will put into perspective the space you need to create.


While it is the last on the list, it is still one of the most important factors. And it isn’t just the cost of your vanity unit that you should consider but the other miscellaneous expenses like plumbing, carpentry, and masonry. It would also help if you considered which is elements of your remodel are more important to you and how much exactly you are willing to spend on those. For example, for some, a custom-built shower enclosure is the most important, so they pour most of their budget on that leaving just enough for the other elements of your remodel.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed when choosing the perfect vanity unit for your bathroom remodel. As long as you keep in mind the factors mentioned above and you do research, you will be able to bring home the perfect vanity on your next trip to the home depot.

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