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Three Totally Green Ways of Car Disposal Without Abandoning Them

Cars are valuable, but once they lose their value, they become more of a bunch of scrap metals than vehicles that you can use for transportation purposes. The problem is, one cannot easily dispose of a car the way one can dispose of broken toy cars in the garbage.

Some car removal services can be very expensive, and thus, many people just choose to leave their old and worn cars on the roadside, left there to rust and corrode by the elements.

Not only is this the wrong way of disposing of your car, but it is also an eyesore wherever you are leaving it. However, not everyone has a choice on how to do it since car removal services can be expensive in the first place.

In this world where everyone lives for sustainability, throwing an old car can be easier now because of different options if you do not have enough money to rent some company to do the job for you.

Here are three sure ways on disposing of your car without hurting the environment.

Send it to auto-recycling

If your car is in a really terrible shape, you can ask a car salvage yard or a simple junkyard to accommodate your car as a form of a donation to them.

Some junk yards offer free pickup from your place to their junkyard, so you should take advantage of that. If your car can still run well and has good parts, you can also sell the car for a much lower price. Throwing your car by leaving it on the roadside is not a good way of disposing of it.

You will be surprised that many car companies recycle old car parts and incorporate them into new models if the parts are still great to function. Windshield glasses are also scrapped and sent to recycling facilities to create brand new windshield glasses for new cars. The steel from the cars can also be melted and be reused in other forms. This method is a green way to dispose of your car without harming the earth.

Opt for a trade-in

This solution works the best for cars that are still running well, and it has some value. You can see this as your discount coupon for your next car purchase.

Many car dealers offer trade-in deals with their customers who own cars that they want to replace with the new ones in their showroom. This is also a great way to save money since you will get a brand-new car for a discounted price.

Car dealers usually do that whenever they have new models in their selection to show that their cars work much better than your old ones.

Donate your car

If you want to upgrade your car with a new one and your old one still works fine, you can easily donate it to a charity. In addition, many charitable organizations welcome car donations that they can use for transportation and logistics purposes.

Also, the charity can sell the car, and they will not have to pay anything to the government since they are non-profit organisations. Either way, you can provide help to those who need it the most. However, do your research first because there are scammers using car donations for charities to con other people.

Always dispose of your car in a better way other than leaving them somewhere to rot. Be a responsible car owner and research the best options that will benefit you and the environment.

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