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15 Purposeful Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends & Family

The holiday season is here!

…the season to come together with your dearest ones and share love and laughter as the year comes to a close is here!  It is when people exchange tokens of love and remind each other of their meaningful bond. From plum cakes to Christmas trees, everything uniquely adds bling to the season. However, expressing your sentiments by way of gifts can seem quite arduous.

So, if you want to gift something thoughtful and fascinating for Christmas and are looking for options, here are 15 purposeful Christmas gift ideas to help save your time. Take the guide:

1. Wine Glass

Raise a toast to the festival of joys and the New Year that is round the corner with a gift of wine glass set. It comes in amazing designs, say silver wine glass, Christmas tree wine glass and more. This meaningful gift on the eve of Christmas is sure to prove useful and be a perfect table decor.

2. Statement Candles

Spread good vibes with a gift of fragrant candles for Christmas. It will not only send across your good wishes but will also prove absolutely useful as a Christmas decor. Choose designer candles in red and green to match the theme of the get-together evening.

3. Santa Claus Shaped Wall Clock

Add happy vibes and more Christmas colours to the home with the hard-to-ignore wall clock shaped like Santa. The house is sure to be Christmas ready and look gorgeous with this amazing piece of decor.

4. Brass Doorbell

Elevate the Christmas feels with a brass doorbell as a gift. The classic and authentic bell will welcome good times and act as a unique fascination for guests to come and ring it.

5. Handwoven Muffler & Gloves

Christmas is a time that brings nice, chilled weather along with it. So, gift handwoven mufflers or gloves to your dear ones and help them sail through the Christmas preparations with ease.

6. Flowers

Knock their doorbell with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. You can also choose to deliver Christmas flowers online at their doorstep and give them a surprise. This will surely delight them and add some happy vibes to the home.

7. LED Christmas Cushions

Nothing would scream Merry Christmas more than LED Christmas cushions. Customize the cushion with your dear one’s photo and add a special touch of love with this gift.

8. Hanging Candleholders

Candles are an integral part of Christmas celebration. Add some glam to the decor by gifting fancy candle holders. The holders will make a statement in any corner of the room they are placed and will make a beautiful sight.

9. Bottle Opener

One of the most understated gifts, bottle openers are of great use for a housefull party. Make it hassle-free for your dear one with the bottle opener and you may also choose to personalize them with their initials.

10. Stylish Coasters

This gift is sure to be useful for a long time. Surprise your dear ones with a set of stylish coasters that are easily available and will be a saviour if you are looking for a last-minute gifting option.

11. Cable Keychains

Cable keychains come with a USB power outlet to help with emergency charging needs. For your dear ones busy making party preparations, this is a perfect choice that will cause no hindrance to the regular party chores.

12. Customized Chocolates

Some gifts always work their magic, whether you live near or far from your dear ones. A ‘Merry Christmas’ chocolate is one of those. Send gifts to Hyderabad or anywhere your dear ones reside and share your warm Christmas greetings with a box of finest chocolates.

13. Potted Plants

Plants spread beauty and can be cherished for a long time. There are some plants that are popular as Christmas gifts, namely Pothos Ivy, Fruit Trees, African violets, Orchids, Rosebush and more.

14. A Bag

If your dear ones are stressed with Christmas shopping, you can always give them a large bag to carry all the Christmas essentials as they go about hopping from shop to shop.

15. E-Gift Vouchers

If you are still guessing what your dear ones would want as a Christmas gift, gift vouchers are your go-to option and will be your last-minute saviour. While you do your part of Christmas greetings, make it easy with gift vouchers and give them the freedom to choose what they like.

With these useful and expressive Christmas gift ideas, make your expressions unforgettable. Share your Christmas greetings today!