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10 Daily Habits to Keep Your Skin Healthy

We all desire healthy skin with a radiant glow, just like that of the lady in the skincare product commercial. 

In the kind of environment we live in, with pollution in the air, junk in our food, and nagging stress stemming from a variety of reasons, your skin has to bear the brunt of all these damages, all while putting up a smile. Look at a mirror. Do you see what I am talking about? 

If not maintained well, these elements will deteriorate your skin with all the dark circles, spots, blemishes, acne, infections and whatnot. You will be horrified to learn the number of ways your skin can be ravaged.

I should clearly establish that if you want healthy skin, the most important part which I cannot stress enough is consistent care. You need to develop a few skin-friendly habits and practice them consistently, throughout your life. You may keep changing habits, just maintain healthy habits.

Here are a few daily habits, which will give your skin the spark it needs.


One of the most significant molecules for any kind of life-form on earth is also the key ingredient to acquire healthy skin. Water helps you naturally flush out toxins and other build-ups within your pores. Water is also extremely beneficial for overall health. It naturally hydrates your skin and acts against all kinds of skin problems all while making your skin radiant and glowing.

Ideally, you would have 0.75 to 1.25 gallons of water a day. The more the better. It will also keep you satiated and hunger-free for longer hours. This will keep you from consuming extra calories.

The best way is to start your `day with 2-3 glasses of hot water on an empty stomach. It not only helps you with radiant skin but also clears toxins from your entire digestive track. The tone of your skin is a lot dependent on your digestion. 

Hot water helps to degrease the layers of build-up from your food on your stomach linings and intestines, besides being beneficent for your kidneys.

You can also add some herbs in water to get even better results. Do the research and find the best herbs that can complement your daily dose of water…

Healthy Food:

With healthy food on our checklist, we can see a pattern. Things that aid your overall health are generally good for your skin, too. 

When it comes to skin, food can make or break the deal. All kinds of oily and greasy food are bad for the skin. Try to prefer such foods to a minimum extent.

Try to incorporate leafy veggies and salads as much as possible. They are not only less on calories but also have amazing health benefits. Store nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts and sunflower seeds in bulk and you can enjoy in your snack. 

Go for vitamin C rich items which are also proven to have healing effects for the skin.

Green tea:

Green tea, while being helpful against belly fat and other issues, works wonders for your skin. It helps against the symptoms of aging along with comforting the skin against UV damage.

It is a potent tool against acne since it has powerful antibacterial properties. It also helps to unclog pores.


There are so many benefits of exercise. But healthy skin is quite lesser-known.

Doing any kind of exercise amplifies blood flow to your skin. This helps the blood to assist in better nutrient delivery to the skin as well as flush out toxins at a faster rate. Any kind of exercise can work as long as it increases your heart rate significantly.

Home remedies:

There is tons of literature out there on homemade remedies for all kinds of skin problems and skincare. You can make different fruits and other consumables to make pastes, masks, etc. which give your skin effective conditioning without the damage incurred by chemicals. Try treating your skin with all this natural therapy 2 to 3 times a week to get amazing results. You can also use skincare supplies to maintain your skin in a proper condition.

Bedtime Rinse:

Your face can have many substances smudged across throughout the day. These can include make-up and/or dust and dirt which adhere to your face the entire night if not washed off before sleeping. 

Free radicals present in them can cause early aging as well as skin infections. Make it a point to wash your face thoroughly before going to sleep.

Beauty Sleep:

Your skin repairs all the damage done and regenerates at night when you sleep. It is important to have a sound sleep as opposed to intermittent sleep for this purpose. Lack of good sleep can kick in early aging to a plethora of other skin disorders like psoriasis, acne, etc. 

So make it a point to get a good 7-hour sleep. 


The skin needs to be hydrated all the time to look healthy. If the moisture in your skin is lost to the elements, your skin may look dull and dead. 

A moisturizer should be used to retain the softness and glow of your skin

Always carry a moisturizer around. If you have oily skin, use a light serum or similar product but do use something to keep your skin hydrated.

Skin-friendly products:

Everyone is aware that the chemicals in cosmetic products carry certain side effects due to the synthetic chemicals they contain. These chemicals can have damaging effects on the skin in the long run. 

To avoid that, try using products with natural ingredients. They cause lesser side effects compared to their synthetic counterparts.


The sun is responsible for more than 70 percent of the signs of aging that your skin reveals. To combat the sun, go for a sunscreen suitable for your skin type. Use it every 2 to 3 hours when out in the sun. Also, try to avoid going out in the sun during its peak hours.

So as you can see, skincare is a very wide subject and there are many things you can do to have healthy skin. The most important part is to make sure you follow a bunch of daily healthy habits consistently.