Why Bearded Dragons are Good Pets?

Bearded dragons make awesome pets (there’s a reason they are one of the most popular of all reptiles). They’re loved by both beginners and experienced herpers, and are very kid-friendly. Even if you’ve only ever owned traditional pets like a dog or a cat, you are sure to be delighted by the big personalities of these lizards. Without further delay, here are four reasons why bearded dragons are good pets.


Bearded dragons offer a unique experience compared to other types of reptiles. Namely, because of their exceptional intelligence (by reptile standards). Whereas other reptiles are aloof, prone to hiding, or otherwise seem indifferent to their fawning owners, bearded dragons have the intellectual capacity to take interest in their surroundings. As such, these lizards are known to be curious, inquisitive, and very observant. This makes them highly entertaining to watch but also allows greater opportunities for meaningful interaction than your typical reptile pet.


The best perks about having a smart pet? Love! That’s right, intelligence has a direct correlation with emotional capacity, and that includes feeling affection towards others. Snakes and other reptiles are extremely limited in this way because of their primitive brains. Bearded dragons, however, have the ability to recognize their owners and thus, create positive associations with those that they frequently interact with. This has led to a reputation of bearded dragons being one of the most affectionate pet reptiles. It’s not uncommon to hear of them asking for attention from their owners or delighting in some quality snuggle time.

Fun To Watch

One of the coolest things about bearded dragons is that they can learn tricks. Once again, their comparatively superior intellect is to thank. There are plenty of stories of bearded dragons being taught to recognize their name, come when called, or even signal when they are hungry or ready for cuddles. Other, more passive tricks, can include going for walks or being trained to stand still and allowing for their owners to dress them up in cute outfits (look up ‘bearded dragon costumes’, you won’t be sorry).  

Low Maintenance 

Last but not least is the practical areas of ownership, another key area where bearded dragons also excel. Native the deserts of Australia, their care requirements are simple: hot and dry. This eliminates a lot of fuss for their housing situation and makes them an accessible reptile option for complete beginners. Feeding is also a breeze. Bearded dragons can self-regulate the amount they eat. Unlike a snake that will try to eat all the food you put in front of it (which could make them sick), a bearded dragon will only eat as much as they need.

Next Step: Getting A Bearded Lizard

Despite their prickly exteriors, beardies are actually total softies that are sure to capture your heart. For the best selection and prices, look for bearded dragons for sale online from reputable pet shops such as They specialize in all things reptile including all the equipment you’ll need to house and care for your new pet.