Travel with Your Dog

What are the Best Tips for Holiday Travel with Your Dog?

For many people, the saddest part about going on a vacation is because they cannot take their dogs with them. They believe that it can be extremely difficult to take their dog along with them, if not impossible. But that’s not what it actually looks like. With some research and a little planning, you can take your pets with you on every travel adventure that you take up. And it won’t be as difficult as you might have thought it to be. From carrying the dog food to a waterproof large dog bed, there are a few things that you will have to carry along to make the vacation fun for your furry friend also.

It’s true that making sure that pet-friendly travel plans go smoothly can require a little more effort. But we are sure that even you don’t want to enjoy any of your vacations without your pet.

Follow these amazing tips for holiday travel with your dog and make the most of the vacation.

Talk to Your Vet

No one understands your pets, as well as vets, do. There is no denying the fact that your vet is the expert that you need to talk to about your dog’s health. So, we think that your vet is the right person to get in touch with before you start planning your trip with your dog. If the vet foresees any issues with your pet’s health, they may recommend the right option. It can be anything including hiring a house sitter or boarding them in a facility instead of bringing them along. As per your destination, the dog might also need additional vaccines or a health certificate.

Make Copies of your Pet-Related Documents

If you have plans of traveling internationally with your dog, you will need your dog’s health records on hand. It is like the dog’s passport when it is traveling internationally with you. Such documents are really important to prove that your dog is healthy and vaccinated. Most officials would ask to see them and depending on whom you are dealing with, they may keep the originals or ask for copies. Apart from that, if you would need to visit a vet abroad, you will be able to share your dog’s medical history with them. Make sure that you carry printed copies and virtual copies on your phone.

Get the Right Gear

You need to be extra careful when you are driving with your pet. You must carry all the important gear that you would need while driving and even when you reach your destination. It is important to restrain your pet when you are driving for your and your pet’s safety. You need to make sure that you buy the right harness on the basis of the road trip you are going to have. Do research a bit to ensure that you buy only the right harness. While on the way, make sure to give your dog some water and food. You must also carry your waterproof large dog bed for him to crash when you reach your destination.

Make Time for Toilet and Play Breaks

This is an important suggestion and you better don’t overlook its importance. If you are traveling in a car, you need to make sure that you stop as often as possible so that your dog can relieve themselves along the way. Dogs love to stretch and when they are traveling in a car, they feel restricted. They need to stretch their legs and play a few fund rounds of any game they love. But if you are traveling by plane, you need to make sure that you follow the specific toileting and feeding instructions that are given to you before you enter the flight with your pet.

Use Dog-Friendly Apps

With the abundance of dog lovers around the world, there is no dearth of dog-friendly apps that come in handy. There are plenty of apps on the internet that you can download when you are traveling with your furry friend. We are sure that your journey will become far easier when you get updates from your app. There are apps that have a collection of trail maps to places that are dog-friendly. You can browse such apps to find places that are worth going with your dog. There are some apps that make it easier for you to find places to stay with your dogs. There are also apps that let you search veterinary hospitals and dispensaries when your dog is not feeling good.

We are sure that now you know that traveling with your dog is not the big hassle that you used to think it to be. From grabbing the right giant dog bed to plenty of foods and beverages, you will have to carry a lot of things to ensure that both you and your dog have a memorable vacation.