7 Tips To Find Right Dose of Cannabis for You

With legislation pushing towards the legalization of cannabis globally, more people have become interested in using various cannabis formulations. Whether it’s oil, e-liquid, edibles, or creams, you are probably wondering what the right dose of cannabis is for you.

If you take too little, you might not feel the effects. On the other hand, if you take too much, you may experience side effects. Before you start looking into Just Cannabis or exploring the best cannabis products on the market and stocking up your inventory, you should find the right dose of cannabis for your specific needs.

Do Your Research

The world of cannabis is a diverse one. There are different cannabis strains. Farms use different agricultural methods. Some are entirely organic, while others use pesticides and chemicals to protect the herbs and ensure good growth.

This knowledge will empower you to choose reputable vendors and growers. More importantly, they use outside labs to check the quality of their products. What you see on the label is what you get. In the end, it will help you get premium cannabis and know what dosage you take.

Consult With Your Doctor

If you are planning on taking cannabis for medical purposes, you should consult with your doctor. Getting medical advice from a professional should always be your priority when thinking about taking something to alleviate a condition’s symptoms.

There’s another benefit consultation with your doctors brings. Medical doctors are aware of the benefits of cannabis. On the other hand, they also know that cannabis interacts with some prescribed drugs. Hence, a doctor may advise you on what dose of cannabis to take to achieve the desired effects and minimize the risk of experiencing any side effects.

Examine the Relevant Doses For Various Symptoms

Whether you want just to enjoy the effects of cannabis or use cannabis for medical purposes, you should examine its effects. Learning about what effects cannabis has on the human body will also help you come across other useful information relevant for treating various symptoms.

According to a recent study, you should limit your total daily THC dose to 30 mg per day. CBD, the other active substance in cannabis, is far less potent. However, you should also know that studies confirm the recommended daily dose of CBD for various conditions. For instance,

Keep Doses Low At Start

If you are taking cannabis for the first time, consider starting with low doses. Since you can quickly lose track of doses and effects, you should also consider keeping a journal. You can make a spreadsheet to keep notes on cannabis strain, dose, time of the day, and induced effects.

You can develop a tolerance for cannabis, more specifically THC. That’s why you should make sure to get the minimal dose to achieve desired effects. The best way to do this is to start experimenting with lower doses and time when you take cannabis. Be prepared to spend some time on it before you find the most optimal dose and time.

Take Your Sleep Pattern Into Consideration

Some people choose cannabis over OTC drugs to help them improve the quality of their sleep. Taking cannabis for better sleep right before you go to bed is a logical step. However, if you are taking it for the first time, you should avoid doing it right before bedtime.

Cannabis has different effects on people. Some find it as a mood booster, while for others, it induces calmness and relaxation. It’s better to have a test run in the middle of the day to assess how cannabis affects you. The journal from the previous step can help you track the best time to take cannabis for the desired effect.

Individual Factors Are Relevant

Some people are more tolerant of cannabis than others. The key factors that affect this phenomenon are your gender, age, weight, and health. If you are tolerant, you might need to take a larger dose. If you are not, even a small dose will help you achieve the desired effect.

Take these factors into account when you are looking for the right dose of cannabis. Your unique biological markup and other factors call for more attention. That’s why we emphasized that you should start with a low dose, especially if you are taking cannabis for the first time.

If All Fails Use a Dosage Calculator

Some of these calculators are quite comprehensive. Make sure to use the calculator that’s relevant for your unique cannabis requirement.

Finding the right dose of cannabis is not easy, but it’s also not overly challenging. The tips we’ve shared with you will help you find the correct dose in a couple of days. Do your research before buying cannabis, and keep a journal to streamline your efforts and achieve the desired effects.