Uses for Totes

Flush Worksite Toilets 

All workplaces need to have toilets. The HSE recommends one washbasin and one toilet for every five employees you have. If your workplace is male-only, it can be extended to one urinal and one toilet for as many as 15 employees. 

The HSE states that you must have running water and flushing toilets available. For example, by having a portable toilet available. If that is not possible, alternatives should be used such as water containers and chemical toilets. 

Flushing toilets should ideally be provided whenever possible. The most hygienic and easiest way to install flushing toilets is to plumb them into the sewage systems and mains water, although that is not always possible due to geographical and logistical issues. That is where IBC totes from Verde Trader come in.

IBC tanks can hold as much as 1000 liters and be used for servicing portable flushing toilets without needing to connect them to your mains water supply. When a built-in drainage tank is combined with this, a mains-connected toilet’s comforts can be recreated without needing to tap into your mains water board. When your worksite has flushing toilets, you can have complete peace of mind that you are in compliance with HSE regulations.  

Are there suitable public facilities?

Unfortunately, public washrooms and toilets are not a suitable alternative to having facilities onsite. According to the HSE, they should only be used as a last resort even though they are cheaper. In addition to imposing on the general public, it is also inconvenient for workers to rely on public washrooms and toilets. 

How about chemical toilets?

In some situations,  installing a mains-connected facility or toilet with an attached tank and IBC tote is not always possible. In those cases, a great solution is to use a chemical toilet. According to the HSE, they were acceptable when flushing toilets cannot be provided and are frequently used on temporary or small worksites. 

On-site showers

For excessive exposure to dirt and dust, to working with substances that are hazardous, many workplaces are required by the HSE to have showers. Portable showers are ideally connected with the mains water supply to provide an uninterrupted and constant stream of water. However, it is not always possible to connect to the mains waterboard alternatives such as an IBC tote might need to be considered. 

IBC tanks are ideal for single shower units that are lightly used and hold as much as 1,000 liters of water. An average 10-minute shower uses about 50 liters of water, so about 20 showers are offered by a 1,000-liter tank. If you need extra water, high-quality IBC tanks may be interlocked and stacked, which means your water supply could easily be doubled or tripled and your single shower unit will run for a longer period of time. 

Drinking water

Under UK law, it is required to provide clean drinking water to employees. It needs to be free of contamination and sourced from a public water supply ideally. If that is not possible, an ideal solution is an IBC tote. Hydration stations are designed to provide workers with easy access to fresh, clean drinking water and are ideal for worksites that cannot access the mains waterboard. 

Drinking water tanks from LetLoos IBC are made out of tough plastic and are in compliance with all of the UK’s water regulations. They will keep your workers hydrated no matter how harsh the working conditions are. The tanks’ filling points are reinforced and secure which means water will not be lost due to leaks. All of our tanks feature tags and lock as well to make sure that your water supply always stays clean. 

Running water at private events

In addition to construction sites, you can also use IBC tanks as an affordable and easy way to provide running water at public events such as small festivals and weddings. Although IBC tanks are not suitable for large events where thousands of people will be using the facilities, they can be an excellent way to increase hygiene and comfort at a small music festival or remote country wedding.

With just one or two shower units and a few portable flushing toilets, you can provide your guests with the creature comforts that they want. An excellent way to keep attendees and guests hydrated at events where there are no permanent taps available is to use drinking water IBC tank stations.  

The bar is raised by high-end toilets in situations where luxury is a top priority. Suitable for parties, weddings, and other types of events where comfort is critical, these portable trailers come with high-spec interiors to provide an experience similar to a traditionally fitted bathroom. These luxury bathroom trailers are supplied with running water by IBC tanks to ensure that your guests can easily wash and flush.