Treat Your Taste Buds: 10 Must-Try Local Cuisine in Bali

Indulge in the delectable food of Bali as we take you on an enticing culinary adventure through the island’s vibrant local cuisine. Discover the unique flavours of Bali’s traditional dishes, from aromatic satay to mouthwatering nasi goreng. Join us on this gastronomic exploration, featuring the food of Bali and local cuisine in Bali, as we savour the richness of Balinese culture through its delightful dishes. Get ready to treat your taste buds and immerse yourself in Bali’s culinary treasures. Book your Bali Tour Packages for an open-hearted blissful experience. 

Local cuisine in Bali offers a delightful array of dishes that reflect the island’s rich cultural heritage. Here are ten must-try local words in Bali:

10 Must-Try Local Dishes in Bali

  1. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a beloved Indonesian dish, and in Bali, it holds a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists. This flavorful fried Food of Bali is prepared with a medley of ingredients, including rice, vegetables, and a choice of meats or seafood. The dish is seasoned with sweet soy sauce and aromatic spices, making it one of the best local cuisine in Bali. Often served with a fried egg on top and accompanied by prawn crackers, Nasi Goreng is a delicious and satisfying meal that captures the essence of Balinese cuisine. You can also visit Sardine restaurant for a great local experience.

2. Satay (Sate)

Satay, locally known as Sate, is a famous and mouthwatering local cuisine in Bali. These delectable skewers consist of marinated and seasoned meat, such as chicken, beef, or pork, threaded onto bamboo sticks and grilled to perfection over an open flame. The meats are often accompanied by a delightful peanut sauce that adds a rich and nutty flavour. Served as a street Food of Bali, a restaurant favourite, Satay is a must-try dish showcasing Balinese cuisine’s bold and savory flavours. 

3. Bebek Betutu

Bebek Betutu

Bebek Betutu is a traditional Balinese dish that showcases the island’s culinary expertise. It features succulent duck marinated with a rich blend of herbs and spices, including turmeric, garlic, shallots, ginger, and galangal, the famous Food of Bali. The marinated duck is then wrapped in banana leaves, allowing the flavours to infuse, and slow-cooked until tender and full of aromatic goodness. This ceremonial delicacy is typically served during important occasions and celebrations, offering a taste of Bali’s authentic and time-honoured cuisine.

4. Babi Guling

Babi Guling is a renowned Balinese dish celebrating the island’s love for roast pork, local cuisine in Bali is a delight. This involves marinating a pig with turmeric, coriander seeds, lemongrass, and other fragrant spices. The pig is then roasted over an open fire until the skin turns crispy and golden, while the meat inside remains tender and succulent. Babi Guling, the Food of Bali, is often served during festive events and ceremonies, offering a flavoursome and aromatic experience embodying Balinese cuisine’s essence.

5. Lawar

Lawar is a traditional Food of Bali that showcases the island’s culinary creativity. This flavorful salad features a mix of finely chopped vegetables, such as long beans, grated coconut, and sometimes green papaya, combined with minced meat (commonly pork or chicken). The mixture is then seasoned with rich herbs, spices, and grated coconut. With various regional variations, Lawar offers a refreshing and spicy taste, making it a popular dish for special occasions and ceremonies. This local cuisine in Bali provides an authentic taste of Bali’s unique and vibrant food culture.

6. Pepes

PepesPepes is a mouthwatering Food of Bali  that exemplifies the art of cooking with banana leaves. This traditional method involves wrapping a blend of fish, chicken, or beef with various herbs, spices, and grated coconut in banana leaves. The package is then steamed or grilled, allowing the flavours to meld and infuse into the ingredients. The result is a tender and fragrant dish with a delightful blend of aromatic spices, a true testament to the rich culinary heritage of Bali.

7. Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu is a famous Food of Bali that your taste buds with its robust flavours. This traditional local cuisine in Bali features chicken marinated with a flavorful blend of local spices, including turmeric, ginger, shallots, garlic, and galangal. The marinated chicken is then wrapped in banana leaves and slowly roasted or steamed until the meat becomes tender and infused with aromatic spices. Ayam Betutu is a must-try dish in Bali, representing the island’s culinary expertise and passion for creating dishes bursting with authentic Balinese flavours.

8. Jukut Urab

Jukut Urab is a refreshing and delightful salad that showcases Bali’s culinary artistry with fresh ingredients. This local cuisine in Bali features a mix of blanched vegetables, such as long beans, bean sprouts, grated coconut, and sometimes spinach or green papaya. The vegetables are tossed with aromatic spices and coconut milk dressing, resulting in a flavorful and healthy salad. Jukut Urab is a popular Food of Bali that is a side dish , adding a burst of colours and tastes to any meal, reflecting the island’s vibrant and diverse food culture.

9. Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit

Sate Lilit is a unique and flavorful local cuisine in Bali that showcases the island’s culinary creativity. Unlike traditional satay, Sate Lilit, the food of Bali is made by blending minced fish, chicken, or beef with grated coconut, coconut milk, lime leaves, and a mix of Balinese spices. The mixture is then grilled around bamboo sticks, infusing the skewers with a delightful combination of sweet and savoury flavours. Sate Lilit is a popular street food in Bali, offering a taste of the island’s distinctive and aromatic cuisine.  

10. Dadar Gulung

Dadar Gulung is a delightful  local cuisine in Bali. This Balinese dessert satisfies the sweet tooth with its vibrant colours and flavours. This popular treat features green pancakes made from rice flour and pandan leaves, giving them their distinct green hue. The pancakes are filled with sweet grated coconut and palm sugar, creating a deliciously indulgent filling. Rolled up into a neat package, Dadar Gulung is a flavorful and aromatic dessert, often enjoyed as a special treat during celebrations and gatherings in Bali, showcasing the island’s love for delectable sweets.

These dishes glimpse the diverse and flavoursome culinary traditions that make Bali’s local cuisine truly special. When visiting the island, try as many of these delightful dishes as possible to immerse yourself in Bali’s food culture fully.