Closet Organized

Top Tips for Keeping Your Closet Organized

good when you walk out of the door. Everyone has had that moment where they can’t find a particular top, dress, or pair of jeans that they want to wear, and it can be frustrating. Therefore, it is worthwhile taking the time to rearrange and organize your closet so that your clothes will stay looking good and are easy to find. Below are a few basic tips to help you achieve this.

1.    Declutter

The first rule of re-organizing any space is to get rid of all of the clutter in that area. It is a lot easier than you might think to find your closet full of clothes that you have either never worn or have only worn on a handful of occasions. To start making the most of your closet space, take the time to go through everything and decide what can stay and what should go. You can even sell these unwanted items online to make some extra cash, provided they are still in good condition. Alternatively, donate them to charity if this is a preferable option for you.

2.    Use Boxes and Racks

When it comes to your shoes and other accessories, you may find that using boxes and racks in your closet can help to keep these items organized more effectively. If you have the budget, you might want to consider getting a bespoke closet built with these features included, and you could even get drawers put in as another option. Either way, having these allocated spaces for your accessories can make them easier to find and help to keep them protected.

3.    Invest in Plenty of Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers are perfect for helping to keep certain items free from wrinkles and creases, particularly shirts, blouses, smart trousers, and dresses. It is worth investing in these so that you have plenty at hand to help keep your closet organized and your clothes looking great. You can buy hangers in bulk from

4.    Use Garment Bags

This won’t be necessary for all of your clothing, but if you do have formal wear or something else special made from delicate materials, they could be a worthwhile investment for you. They can have to keep these special pieces protected, particularly if they aren’t things that you wear very often. You can keep them all covered in a certain corner of your closet, ready to wear when you need them.

5.    Moth Protection

Hopefully, you won’t get problems with moths, but they can sometimes appear in the summertime, and might sneak into your closet if you have your bedroom windows open. Moths can destroy clothes, so it is important to keep a look out for them in your home. Have some moth protective spray or other accessories to place in your closet that will deter moths to keep your clothes safe.

If you would like to rearrange your closet to save you time in the morning and to keep your clothes looking great, consider these tips above and perhaps make a start this weekend.