The Most Common Health Problems That Impact Your Focus

There are so many reasons that people want to be able to focus. Perhaps you have projects you want to complete, work tasks with pressing deadlines, or other responsibilities that require your full attention. Unfortunately, there are also many health problems that can make it much more difficult to concentrate and get things done. Here is a list of some of these issues and how you can deal with them, so you can continue to spend time on the activities you care about.


Fatigue is a symptom of so many different possible illnesses that it takes a healthcare professional to determine the exact cause. However, there are ways you can manage your fatigue so that you can better concentrate in your daily life. Depending on the reasons behind your fatigue, your doctor might prescribe specific methods of boosting your overall energy levels. You can supplement this by paying closer attention to your sleep hygiene and rethinking your diet so that your body can store energy better. It can take a while for fatigue to lift so it’s important to take note of the times of day when you have the most energy (as well as what works and what doesn’t) so that you can take advantage of them.


Getting a migraine can make it almost impossible to concentrate since the sensation of pressure in your head is so distracting and they often make it hard to see. It is unlikely that you will be able to be particular focused while enduring a migraine, so your best bet is to deal with it first, recover, then continue with what you want to do afterwards. You can try sumatriptan for migraines to help alleviate your symptoms as well as lying down and staying properly hydrated. Give yourself plenty of time to let the discomfort subside before pushing yourself too hard.

Chronic Pain

People who suffer from conditions that come with chronic pain can find it particularly difficult to concentrate due to the distracting nature of physical discomfort, both ongoing and intermittent. While it is necessary to have the underlying causes checked by a medical professional, it is also worthwhile learning how best to manage your pain when it flares up. Take time to soothe your body with a bath or a nap to take your mind off the discomfort.


When someone is anxious all their energy and attention is often channeled into the object of their worries. This makes it much harder to concentrate on what they truly want to be doing, such as projects or work. If you experience anxiety, consider speaking to a doctor and seeking their advice about next steps. You can also try slowing down and refocusing your attention with mindfulness and meditation, and learn how to stop destructive negative thought cycles.


Depression is another common mental illness that affects many people around the world. Unlike anxiety which draws a person’s attention to something else, depression often makes it hard to give anything attention at all. Again, if you are experiencing depression a doctor can help you find a solution that works for you.