Top Prom Dresses in 2021 for Different Body Shapes

Top Prom Dresses in 2021 for Different Body Shapes

Choosing the right prom partner seems like a burdening task; an even burdening task is getting the perfect prom dress. Shops out there are overloaded with prom dresses. But not every dress is made for everybody. There are certain dresses that enhance your body features, and others might even hide them. The dress you have been crushing on from the fashion show might not look as gorgeous on you as on the model. There’s nothing to be negative about, because we all own different body shapes, and all the dresses are made for a certain body type. Prom dresses in 2021 have come up with more vast options, and you have a lot to choose from. However, you should know how to find the dress that’s made for you. 

Sure, the stores offer a myriad of prom dresses in various sizes, styles, and trims. Some might not complement your body as much as the other dress does. Therefore, to help you with identifying the body shape and the dress type, we are here. We are going to take a look at top prom dress trends that you can consider as an option. Choose the ideal colors, styles, and silhouettes with this post’s help and see how it turns out. 

Apple Body Shape

Apple Body Shape

Women with apple body shapes have slimmer shoulders and legs as compared to the waist and bust. They have a fuller bust and an undefined waist. Consider buying an off-shoulder prom gown if you have this body type. You can even consider the empire-waist dress that flares out from your waistline. It helps enhance the features of your legs and looks stunning. A high-low red prom dress is a popular choice. 

Pear Body Shape 

A well-defined waistline with fuller thighs and hips larger than the busts define a peer body shape. If your body shape falls under this category, consider a ballgown or a-line silhouette. Going for a royal blue prom dress in this silhouette would make an excellent choice for your prom. To highlight your upper body curves, consider an off-the-shoulder, open-back dress with illusion beading. Try not to choose long-sleeve dresses; you do not want to hide the best features of your body. 

Busty Body Shape

You have a busty body shape when your legs are slender; hips are slim with a larger bust and wide shoulders. It is best to accentuate your hips by purchasing a ruffled gown or a mermaid prom dress. All these unique prom dresses are easily accessible at online fashion stores. You can get them from popular designers at reason. 

Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape particularly means that you have a balanced proportion throughout the body. Meaning, the measurements of your entire body are the same. It is best to highlight or create a feminine shape. Considering a two-piece mermaid dress would be the best choice. If you are bored with those black prom dresses, choose different colors from the store. They offer cheap prom dresses in various color options. 

Hourglass Body Shape 

A narrow waist with equal width of bust and hips makes an hourglass shape. With an hourglass body type, there are a lot of silhouettes that will suit your body. Whether pick a flared blue prom dress or the traditional ball gown, you can go with any type. Only make sure that it fits you right.

Now you can shop perfect for your prom night. Make a choice wisely and get the best of prom dresses for the special day. Also, consider the colors before you stick to the same old colors. Prom dresses in 2021 are more than black and red. Shop accordingly.