Best Christmas Gift

Top 5 Best Christmas Gift Which I Ever Gave

It is said, Christmas makes your loved ones closer to you. And it spreads lots of happiness, unlimited smiles, and creates unforgettable memories. Christmas always spread positivity. You know, Christmas is famous for Christmas trees, a special cake, Santa Claus, prayers, meet and greet, and most importantly gifts. Who does not like gifts, we all love gifts? But you know, sometimes giving gifts will give you more happiness than receiving gifts. You know, when a smile comes on your close ones. It is precious and irreplaceable. Nothing can make you happier than your loved ones’ happiness. And especially when this happiness is because of you. And when I talk about gifts, it doesn’t mean how costly it is. It means, how lovely it is. So today, I will tell you about the 5 best gifts that I gave on Christmas and make my loved ones happy. 

Mobile Phone

I remember I was in 12th standard, and after giving my boards. I started doing some internships and earned some money. Like every year my maternal grandpa comes for Christmas. We wait for our grandma eagerly. Because she always bakes a special Christmas cakes online. And she brought so many gifts for all of us. If I would say, she is our Santa Claus. But I gifted my Santa Claus something very special. From my first earning I gifted her a smartphone, which she had wanted for a long time. And I felt so glad that I did. And yes, it is one of the best gifts that I ever gave on Christmas. 


It sounds so simple, but it is very special. I gave this gift to my best buddy and my love of life. I always give him flowers. Every year I order Christmas flowers online for him. But this time, I wanted to give him something better than best. So I chose a watch from one of his favorite brands. And I gave him Christmas as a Christmas gift. Actually, I gave him a surprise. Like every year, I ordered his flowers from online flower delivery in Bangalore. So like every year, he thought this is my gift. But when he saw the watch, his smile and level of happiness were so precious, which we both will cheer our whole life. He was so so happy after seeing the gift. And this was not the best, I think this gift is beyond the best, that I gave.

Flower fall

The gift is not something that should be materialistic. It can be anything. Today, I will tell you about the third-best Christmas gift that I ever gifted. Basically, I gave this gift to my parents, and it was just magical. On the day of Christmas, after having our dinner, we thought to play some games and dance. Actually, I want to take both of them in the drawing-room. Because my gift was in the drawing-room. When my parents reach the center of the drawing-room, a beautiful flower falls on both of them. And they both just become speechless. But they loved my gift so much. You can also try this for your loved ones, just search for the cheap online flower delivery in Bangalore. And you will get lots of options, order from them and make your loved ones super happy on Christmas. 


My brother is younger than me, and he is crazy about bikes. He always wanted new model bikes. Last Christmas, I gifted him an advanced bike, and he was just overwhelmed with the gift. I got a little scolded by my parents. But because it’s Christmas, so they said okay let it be. But he was just very happy. I can’t tell you how many times, he said thanks to me. He always says you are my Santa Claus. So I fulfilled his wish. 

New jacket

I remember, on Christmas Eve I was coming from my friend’s home. I saw a girl, she was poor, and she was shivering because of the cold weather. So I gave him a jacket, some cookies, and a Christmas cake. And probably, this gift which I gave to her on Christmas. I can proudly say, one best gift I gave to someone on Christmas. 

So this was my top 5 best Christmas gifts which I have ever given. These are not just gifts, these are my priceless emotions, which will live forever with me. Because, as I said above, gifts can’t be measured on money, it is a measure of your emotion. And they all are the most special persons in my life. So, now go and think about what are five best Christmas gifts, you have ever given.