Tired of Using Traditional Diapers? Check out These 6 Benefits of Bamboo Diapers!

Like most parents, choosing the best for your baby becomes challenging. Picking the best and the most reasonable is even tougher.  But, nobody likes to compromise with a baby’s skin or health. It’s better to spend a penny more today than later. 

Bamboo diapers may be priced a bit higher than regular baby diapers but they help you save indirectly. With bamboo diapers, you don’t have to spend even a penny on pediatricians or dermatologists for rashes or skin problems. They are completely safe and environment-friendly. They are also called natural baby diapers. 

Apart from this, there are various other factors due to which you should choose bamboo diapers over regular ones:

  1. Easy to replenish and sustainable

Bamboo is from the grass family and absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plant. It doesn’t require irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers to grow. If you cut a bamboo , it produces another shoot that is ready to harvest quicker than any other tree.

Baby diapers are used in large numbers as baby poop three to four times a day, without warning. Parents would know better how their house is stacked up with diapers and baby products. Therefore, using a source for diapers that replenishes quickly is a must. Even after many washes, bamboo diapers do not wear out easily. They are so durable that you can recommend them to your friends and family.

Bamboo crops help enrich the soil, while cotton depletes the soil. Being the fastest growing plant in the world it can be sustained easily.

  1. Biodegradable

Bamboo diapers are 100 percent biodegradable and environment-friendly. For any regular diaper, it takes 500 years to decompose wherein bamboo diapers take only 180 days to decompose. From the environment’s perspective, old-style cotton diapers are a better choice than regular fabric diapers. But, it would be a hassle for you and add one more tedious task to your routine. Therefore, to make your life easy we recommend you to use bamboo diapers for your baby and the environment.

  1. More absorbent

Bamboo diapers are more absorbent as it absorbs 70 percent more liquid than any regular baby diapers. It keeps your baby mess-free and rash-free due to its power of absorbing twice as much liquid as any other diaper. This reduces the number of changes made during the day. Its 100 percent absorbency feature makes it the best baby diaper for traveling and overnight purpose.

  1. Soft as silk

Bamboo fibers are organically super-soft, without any chemical treatment. It has no sharp edges or offshoots that may irritate the baby’s skin. ‘Rayon’ is the fabric that is produced after processing bamboo fibers also known as ‘Artificial Silk’. ‘Rayon’s’ soft, tender characteristic makes it an impeccable material for eco friendly diapers.

  1. Better air circulation

Bamboo diapers have insulating properties resulting in maintaining the temperature as per the surrounding. The fabric is more breathable than cotton or any regular diaper’s fabric. It’s insulating property also reduces the risk of bacterial infection caused by warmer temperature, and keeps your baby cool in summer as well. Bamboo diapers are more elastic and comfortable making it the best product for sensitive babies who are allergic to synthetic. 

  1. Completely natural and safe

Bamboo fibers are naturally organic unlike cotton, bamboo diapers are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial and also destroy odor-causing bacteria, which helps  to deodorize the diaper.

They are naturally hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, bacteriostatic and anti-bacterial. Natural baby diapers are a must for babies with sensitive skin. 

Usually, diapers contain dioxins, which are used for bleaching diapers white. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) categorizes dioxins as a highly carcinogenic chemical. Bamboo diapers are completely chemical-free. No harmful preservatives, chlorine or alcohol is used while making bamboo diapers.

 Natural baby diapers are not only good for your baby but also healthy for the environment. Bamboo generates 30 percent more oxygen than any other plant or tree. It also helps the ozone layer from getting destroyed, by reducing carbon dioxide in the environment.


It is wise to choose a sustainable and healthy diaper for your baby. This will ensure that your baby’s skin stays soft and rash-free.