Nesting Place for the Weekend

The Smartest 5 Ideas to Make Your Home the Perfect Nesting Place for the Weekend!

After a long and tiresome week of working long hours at the office, preparing for your upcoming semester examination, everyone needs a little getaway during the weekend. However, it is not always convenient to go to the beach or the hills to take your mind off things. This is why you need to make your own space in your home itself. When designing the interior home décor, you should keep in mind to make little and inviting nests to settle in, curl up and nestle in your space for the perfect weekend. Your space can inspire you to certain feelings the same way music does. It should invoke warmth, security and safety. More importantly, it should be appropriate for all seasons.

1.    The Nest Should Make One Feel Small

Human beings feel comforted when they feel small in space. Think about how you feel when you hold your mother’s hand and stand next to her. You can create this feeling with tall vistas and furniture items. A vista may be as plain as the view across your room or a window looking out to the garden. When the view gets expanded, you remain anchored. Your nesting place need not be areas for resting. You can turn your workspace into a nest as well.

2.    More Often Than Not, The Perfect Nests Are In Small Spaces

A small area perfect for your nesting place. Like many animals, humans too are attracted to little nooks when they can feel warm and safe and curl up. You should not perceive defined and small spaces as a challenge to interior home décor. Instead, you should see them as the ideal opportunity for building a nest.

3.    Angled Ceilings As A Great Nesting Opportunity

It is the perfect spot for nesting when your home has an angled and low wall. You will feel protected in your bathtub while you bathe in such a setting. Draw your shower curtain and enjoy a long and warm bath. The perfect amalgamation of an angled ceiling and shower curtain will make you feel safe in your bath. Angled walls are also ideal in bedrooms with a cosy bed covered in your favourite bed sheet set. A bedroom nesting place with a low ceiling and a cotton bed sheet set is all you need for the weekend.

4.    Nests Have Personality

Unless you inject a personality into a place, your nesting place is nothing but a small place. Give the space its appeal with personal art or a simple chalkboard wall.

5.    The Nesting Place May a Times Feel Cramped

If you think that your nesting place feels a bit too cramped, all you have to do is use multiple horizontal lines to give weight and width to the room.

A nesting place should embrace one on at least three sides. They, however, are not always predictable spaces, they can be a tiny classic nest-like area.