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2021 Bridal Jewelry Trends That Every Bride Should Get Behind

It’s not just about engagement rings, we are going full-on this time, we’re talking all about the “other” wedding jewellery brides wear on their big day. Be it artificial jewellery, a simple bangle design, or a pearl necklace set. While simple diamond pendants and pearl earrings are classic bridal jewellery, “classic” certainly doesn’t apply to every bride that we know. We are in 2021, and one of the biggest perks of it is that we have the opportunity to hear from some of the biggest jewellery experts as they divulge the biggest bridal jewellery trends of 2021.

More so than any specific trend, brides today are about breaking the glass ceiling with their in-depth knowledge about the latest trends. Those days are long gone when wearing a pair of diamond studs with a matching tennis bracelet was the peak bridal jewellery trend we could get behind. While that style will always remain classic, be it classic gold jewellery or artificial jewellery, we think that today’s brides want to have a little more fun and wear their wedding jewellery as a way of expressing their personal style.


According to the latest survey done by the designers and stylists, there’s a slew of new bridal jewellery trends any brides-to-be and onlookers alike will fall head over heels for, including alternative hoops, a statement necklace set, and a bangle design that sweeps them off their feet. Let’s take a look at all the new wedding jewellery trends you’ll see on brides everywhere next year and shop our favorite iterations of each.

Floral Jewellery:

Despite the number of sparkles, or gold jewellery nothing can do justice to a bride who is looking to intertwine the fragrance of culture and traditions into her wedding. Floral jewellery has the power to add that extra touch of elegance and vibrance to her look. 2021 is the year where brides become more experimental with their bridal jewellery and want to explore different kinds of wedding jewellery like anklet cuffs, tiaras, and many more. While roses and jasmine used to be an obvious choice for bridal jewellery, they are now experimenting with tropical foliage, exotic flowers, shades of terracotta, rich indigenous flowers, and other non-floral elements like cowry shells, etc.

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If there is one wedding trend that has blossomed quite literally is floral jewellery! The ornaments are unique and artificial flowers make them a perfect way to freshen up one’s look, ditching the gold and diamond jewellery rotation. They are effortless, elegant, and adaptable to a variety of tastes.

Vintage family jewellery:

2021 might just be the rise of vintage fashion in the most precious way. Men and women have started embracing their ancestral roots these days and with that being said, could anything be more precious than wearing your grandmother’s pearls down the aisle? For brides and grooms, vintage classic wedding jewellery is a great way to recognize the specialty of retro jewellery on their big day. From your mum’s pearl earrings to your grandmother’s ring, family heirlooms let you feel close to those you love. Take those vintage pieces out as jewellery not only reflects beauty but it also celebrates the most important times of our lives.


Statement pieces:

Be it a simple necklace set, a bangle design, or even a small earring set, the attitude for many brides this year is to either ‘go big or go home. Many brides nowadays are having to postpone their celebrations due to lockdown even with a couple of ups and downs 2021 has proven to be a memorable year for those grand to intimate wedding celebrations with family. And we do not see a better way to celebrate them than with a pair of gorgeous statement earrings for your bridal jewellery. From colorful eye-catching designs to sleek sparkly wonders, statement earrings are a huge bridal wedding jewellery trend to consider throughout 2021.

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Bringing back the 90s:

Chokers have always been the show stopper for no matter what the outfit is. It’s 2021 and the 90’s choker necklace set is officially making a roaring comeback. It happens to be the perfect choice for brides who are going for a chic wedding style, chokers are the ultimate wedding jewellery accessory. Whether it be a simple choker with sparkling embellishments or the subtlety of lace embedded with diamonds, chokers are sleek and sexy and a popular bridal jewellery choice for 2021 wedding ensembles.


Temple jewellery:

Temples have always proven to have the most intriguing designs on them and temple jewellery is no different. Ask any bride these days, she will definitely go for a jewellery design that pays attention to details, be it artificial jewellery or gold jewellery. Ask any bride that’s about to get married, she will point out that the hottest bridal jewellery trend in India is temple jewelry with an antique finish. Temple jewellery is chunky and primarily made of gold, with precious stones in red and green. Many of them feature large motifs of goddesses and tend to be intricate pieces, taking days of labor. They look regal when paired with a flawless silk saree and why for their roots can be traced back to the royalty.

Multi-layered jewellery:

One of the latest trends to look out for is the multi-layered necklace set and bangle design. Weddings these days are nothing less than royal and brides these days don’t want to look anything less than a queen on their big day. To get a royal taste in your look, multi-layered wedding jewellery usually has more than four layers which provide the wearer a royal look. The royal multi-layer necklace design is crafted with stones, pearls, and mirror work. It looks gorgeous with sarees and other wedding outfits like the bridal lehenga.

These are some of the bridal jewellery trends that we are excited about. Traditional, funky, over the top, there is serious innovation in Indian jewelry styles this year. We are having a major crush on those phenomenal pieces of wedding jewellery and we think that you should too. You may also want to have a look at our complete guide on choosing your wedding decoration for your big day.