Hemp Clothing in Australia

The Rising Popularity of Hemp Clothing in Australia

Sustainable fashion is in vogue right now. People are turning towards thrifting and environment-friendly materials in the hopes of staving off the lasting impacts of fast fashion. Thus, the rising interest in hemp clothing in Australia, which places 38th on the Sustainable Development Goals index, was a predictable outcome.

Made from the Cannabis sativa plant, the hemp fabric has always had a bit of a controversial history. Despite the psychoactive properties of its source, hemp is a well-loved fabric. Owing to this, two strains of the Cannabis sativa emerged: one harvested for its psychoactive parts and another low in THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, harvested solely for the fabric.

What Makes Hemp Clothing in Australia So Unique?


One of the first things you need to know about hemp fabric is that it is a carbon-negative material. It means the plant takes in more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases. Compared to other natural fibres such as cotton, hemp is a high-yielding crop that requires less water and land.

Moreover, cultivating hemp does not require pesticides, herbicides, or other additional chemicals to grow. This makes hemp much healthier for the people living around the farmlands. The deep root system of the hemp plant is also beneficial for the soil. It keeps improving the soil as the parts that are not used are ground into the soil. In short, no part of the plant goes to waste.


Hemp is a rather rough fabric. However, it is incredibly strong and long-lasting. Despite the number of washes, hemp clothing can last long without degrading. The fabric does not shrink with time and is highly resistant to pilling.

It becomes softer with each wash without getting damaged. For a frame of reference, a typical cotton t-shirt might last you for a year at best, whereas a hemp t-shirt can last triple the time. Even when blended with other fabrics, hemp does not lose its durability.


Finding the right summer clothes is always tricky. Linen and cotton work well, but what if you wanted more options? Hemp is the solution you need. With its excellent breathability, hemp fabric can make your perfect summer outfit. The fabric also resists mildew, making it great for humid summers.

Blocks UV Rays

The UV radiation that Australia sees is one of the highest levels in the world. Since it is a leading cause of skin cancer, protecting yourself from UV radiation is crucial. Adding to your arsenal of sun protection, hemp clothing in Australia can be a wise choice. The fabric has natural properties to block out UV rays. Compared to materials like polyester, hemp fabric blocks more than 50% of the radiation.


Hemp has been a low-waste plant from the very start. As a plant, the parts that are not harvested easily become additional fertiliser to the soil. As a fabric, the material breaks down easily compared to any other fabric. Once you dispose of your hemp clothing, you can rest assured that it is not polluting the environment.


Finding clothes that do not trigger your allergies is imperative if you are prone to allergies. Hemp is a fabric that you can trust with your sensitive skin. Unlike many other natural fabrics, hemp does not require chemical processing and does not activate underlying conditions.

Final Thoughts

Hemp has been around since 770 AD. Being one of the planet’s most durable and deliciously comfortable fabrics, hemp isn’t going anywhere. The rising awareness about sustainable fashion is only making it even more popular.

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