Wearing Bamboo Clothing

Feel Comfortable and Protected Wearing Bamboo Clothing

The textile industry is very volatile and prone to periodic changing trends. In the process, a new trend called ‘clothing with bamboo’ is introduced, which increases the toughness in the competitive market. The need and applications make it even more special than usual cotton, silk, or wool clothes because the bamboo cloth has its unique advantages, which none of the other textiles have. The ultraviolet-resistant cloth must complete various processes to obtain a finished product from the raw material. Only the most suitable bamboo clothing franchise, recognised by official bodies, can provide the best value for people’s money.

Bamboo is a rayon-like textile manufactured from regenerated cellulose and used many applications, including clothing fabrics in the fashion industry. Innovation in the textile industry got bamboo-based clothing into the spotlight as a replacement for synthetic fibres from petrochemicals. The fibre is softer than silk and easy to wear in any condition. Bamboo is a fast-growing tree-like grass as It requires little maintenance to farm as it doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides and very little water to grow. The advantages of bamboo make it is used in different streams.

Applications of Bamboo in different streams

Construction material: Bamboo is used as raw material in fencing, furniture, flooring, scaffolding, and many more.

As a green and sustainable material, it plays a vital role in architecture based on green buildings.

The properties like lightweight, low cost, and high performance replace the timber with bamboo.

Biofuel: Considering bamboo’s fast growth rate and high yield, it might be a good alternative to wood when it comes to reducing pressure on forests. The moisture content in bamboo is relatively low compared to other plants.

Other miscellaneous applications like making spoons, brushes, bracelets, and toys are to replace hazardous materials.

Benefits of Bamboo fabric and clothing

1. Soft and luxurious cloth

The softness seems like floating on the skin and makes one feel nothing on the skin. It is because of the absence of sharp and rough elements that irritate. And the presence of a smooth round structure of the bamboo fibre. Thus making products like bamboo clothing popular and comfortable wear.

2. UV resistant

Bamboo offers 95% natural protection from UV radiation by filtering the rays, indirectly protecting the person from skin cancer.

3. Anti-bacterial and Antifungal

Good odour presence happens when there is an absence of sweat and wetness. Bamboo and the fabric made from it, have specific anti-bacterial properties keeping the cloth fresh for longer time periods as compared to other fabrics as the growth of bacteria is curtailed. It is a fact that more washing reduces the lifespan of the cloth. Therefore, using bamboo clothes gives the perk of less wash and adds an eco-friendly label to the closet. While odour doesn’t reduce a garment’s performance, it is less appealing to wear the next day again.

4. Breathable and thermal regulating

Unlike other fabrics, which lose their insulating capacity when they become wet, bamboo is extremely breathable in any circumstances. Bamboo has few Thermoregulatory properties. These properties help to regulate the temperature of the body. It is due to cross-sectional fibres, which help keep heat in on colder days.

5. Hypo-Allergenic

Natural bamboo fibre makes it perfect for sensitive skin and does not cause allergic reactions. The label ensures no trace of harmful materials is left in the fabric.

The major objective of introducing the new trend of this type of clothing had addressed all major drawbacks of regular fibres and made it an advantage. Thus, without a second thought, one can go for bamboo clothing. Though the development of bamboo-based clothing is in its initial stages, the advantages outweigh a few mouldable drawbacks.

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