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Protect Teens From Phone as Tech Pied Piper on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Mobile phone technology has become widespread but I think it happen to a tech –based pied piper that has evolved since last decade.  You may have questions in your mind why I am saying contemporary mobile devices are working as piped piper for children? The answer is pretty simple internet and social media apps, websites and instant messengers have made teens and kids obsessed. The root cause of the addiction with the cyberspace and social media are because of cellphone technology. Today everyone has access to the mobile devices and young generation is second to none. 

Using digital devices such as tablets, computers and digital phones provide all of us access to the internet and we can download Social media platforms. So, teens and children are the ones that used to of spending most of the time on cellphones connected to the internet. Let’s get to know how mobile devices are pied pipers for children and how it is dangerous for teens

Cellphone: A pied piper is more dangerous

You may have seen youngsters walking on the roads without knowing what is coming in the way and often collide with the people or pools. This is just trailer when it comes to vulnerabilities of digital devices you cannot imagine how youngsters are living distracted lives because of spending all day long on the phone screen. 

Today teens send and receive text messages on cellular networks, make phone calls, and plenty of other activities that could be understandable. However, when it comes to risky activities of teens and kids you have to know that they use social media apps and websites for communication with strangers.

 They make unknown friends online and share their privacy on social accounts such as name, address, school name, and photos in a sexually suggestive way. In return, online bullies come in their way to humiliate them online using sexual abusive language that could be dangerous for teens and kids’ mental health. Teens themselves get involved in blind dating and hookups using social networking apps. 

Teens cellphone obsession: Common Sense Media 

  • 1 out 2 teens is highly addicted to the digital devices and 59% of the parents also do believe that
  • Almost 72% of teens and 59% of the parents say that feel instant response to the messages, social media messages and notifications. Additionally, 78% of teens check phone screen back and forth number of times in an hour. 
  • More than 75% of parents do believe that their children always get distracted while using phones and don’t respond at all 
  • Almost 35% of parents and teens used to of exchanging aggressive arguments with each other due to excessive cellphone usage
  • More than 50% of teens used to of using cellphone while driving 

Well these stats are quite alarming for the parents who just focus on costumes and goods for their children but they should know digital parenting is important in the digital world

Put online safety on children phone & Black Friday best time to do that 

Everyone loves to get discounts to get things they like and fortunately Cyber Monday and Black Friday is right around the corner. So, people have the opportunity to get the maximum discount on goods and costumes they wish to have in their hands. On the other hand, when it comes to parents I am here to remind you that children’s safety online is far more superior to the goods you are looking forward to having for you and kids. 

So, simply go for the children’s online protection and when you have been done it then you can get things you have on the list. Now get 50% to 90% of discount on TheOneSpy mobile phone monitoring app on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Get your hands on it as soon as possible and keep protecting children for a year without spending too much money. Now avail the opportunity and make sure you are responsible parents. It will empower you to get your hands on the activities kids and teens are doing on the digital devices.


Cyber Monday and Black Friday happen to the best opportunity for parents to make sure the children safe online. Get the job done before it’s too late.