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Lesser-Known Places in Moscow, Russia

Do you love traveling? Have you ever been to Russia? Do you want to feel the most pleasurable activity in your veins? Traveling is a human activity which can kindle the passion inside you. Do travel a lot. Travelling will let you fill with joy, happiness, and experiences.

Today we will talk about Moscow, the capital of Russia. The places which can be a great attraction for people but is lesser-known. Being the most populous city of Russia and the most expensive city, it attracts tourists a lot. The federal city of Russia has the tag of the largest city admires the dreams of people to explore.

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Some of the best, but lesser-known places in Moscow, which you can explore to get a few traveling experiences are as follows:

1. Winzavod Contemporary Art Center

If you are a creative person possessing attraction towards art established in 1861 containing more than 500 painting will fill your zeal with the passion to see more such places in Russia.

2. Chocolate and cocoa Museum

Never heard about this museum, we will let you gain information about this museum situated in the heart of Russia.  This museum contains a history of chocolate even from the origin to its journey of glory. The museum is the best place for chocolate lovers and demands children visit.

3. Memorial museum of cosmonautics

A person having a keen interest in space is going to like this place a lot. This museum is situated in the north-eastern part of Moscow. The detailed history of the acquisition of World war, heroes of the Soviet Union lead the development of space crafts and information about cosmic structures are provided.

4. Museum of vodka

As the name reveals, it is the museum exploiting the evolution and origin of vodka in Russia are available for the customer at affordable costs. The big collection of vodka bottles signifies the source of information by science and technology.

5. English house

It is one of the lesser-known places to travel in Moscow but it is interesting and can enrich your knowledge through the history of Russian culture.  Much exquisite design of interiors is available as well as provides the facility to go through the numerous exhibitions.

6. Tsaritsyano palace

This palace is one of the most significant places in Moscow. There is a park situated inside the palace to enhance beauty. There is a high number of bridges, canopy, decorative bowers with beautiful interior designs which can enhance their experience and fun.

Moscow is an excellent place for people who are ready to gain some experience and will diversify the enriching knowledge through many places which are unknown for most of the population but hold a significant travel potential. There are numerous places which are interesting and engaging for travelers. Hence, if you’re planning to have a traveling experience in Moscow, you should not forget to visit these above-mentioned places.

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