Northeast Cities to Look for a Home In

The northeast is one of the most exciting areas in the country. People who move here are always excited about all of the possibilities: yet picking one place to settle down can be difficult. If you’re struggling with this decision and you want to make the right choice, here are four of the best northeastern cities to consider! As long as you’re ready for the winter, you won’t be disappointed!

Rochester, New York

Population: 207,000.
General Culture: large music scene, a lot of fun summer activities.
Affordability: 7% less expensive than the national average.
Weather: rough winters and warm summers.
Rochester, New York, is incredibly popular for anyone who wants to enjoy an incredible music scene. More affordable than most other cities in the state, Rochester has its own culture, with a diverse music scene and countless fun summer activities to keep you busy. Although the winters can be rough, the fun and warm summers more than make up for a little bit of snow!

State College, Pennsylvania

Population: 42,000.
General Culture: a college town that knows how to party responsibly.
Affordability: 9.2% less expensive than the national average.
Weather: cloudy weather year-round with varied seasons.
If the price of Boston houses for sale scared you away, but you still want a college and sports town feeling: State College Pennsylvania is for you! State College is the most affordable city on this list, sitting at nearly ten percent lower than the average cost of living. Although this town knows how to party, the fun college city vibes aren’t lost here! You’ll feel young as long as you live in State College.

Buffalo, New York

Population: 257,000.
General Culture: party culture mixed with wonderful museums and educational resources.
Affordability: 4% less expensive than the national average.
Weather: humid with rough winters and thick heated summers.
Buffalo, New York, is nationally known since it’s the capital of the state and the second-largest city in New York: but it doesn’t have to struggle to keep up with the big apple! Buffalo has a fun culture of its own, with a healthy mix of work and play. Plenty of clubs and nightlife allow people to have fun, while the dozens of museums and art galleries ensure you don’t feel like you’re going away without learning anything. This a fun city that understands the importance of a work and personal life balance.

Burlington, Vermont

Population: 43,000.
General Culture: an artsy and farmer-forward culture that feels small-town.
Affordability: 10% more expensive than the national average.
Weather: 72 inches of snow every winter, mild summers.
If winter doesn’t scare you and summers hitting no higher than 80 degrees is alluring: Burlington is for you! This city has small-town vibes while also managing to ensure that everything available to the locals is high-end and well maintained. In addition, the year-round farmers’ market makes eating and sourcing goods locally easy, and the friendly atmosphere makes this a city anyone would want to move to.

Each of these cities has its history and incredible attitude; if you start looking at homes in any of these, you won’t be disappointed!