John Deere golf course equipment for sale

Top Questions That Are Least Answered About John Deere Golf Mowers

If you have recently bought or are planning to purchase a quality John Deere golf mower, you definitely have several questions about it. Regardless of everything else, the equipment might be different and new for you. So today, we are here with a list of frequently asked questions that people generally have about the John Deere mowers range. Let’s take a quick look at them. 


How to remove the mower blade? 


First of all, begin with removing the deck. Next, gently place the deck aground with the blades facing to the upside. Next, use a 15mm socket with a ratchet or wrench to loosen the lock that holds the blades. There you go! 


When is the right time to bag and mulch the clippings? 


Usually, experts recommend mulching the turf when it is too dewy, wet, or irritating. Even if the grass has more lumps and long strands, you should better avoid it. We have to mention that dry conditions are the most ideal for mulching. Whereas for bagging, you should try your best to collect the turf and leaves in one pass to have a clean look. 


What is the best way to store the fuel? 


Most likely, it is better to have reserve fuels stored inside. However, make sure it is not kept under extremely high temperatures. Also, try to sidestep from those galvanized tanks as there are high chances that the fuel may react with the zinc and form unstable compositions. 


Do I need any grease to service the mower? 


Most of the time, when you buy, look for a John Deere golf course equipment for sale, the seller gives you a multi-purpose grease, which is considered the best. However, these heavy-duty greases are much easier to ease with a pistol-grip gun that you can also ask the seller for. You can even buy it online too. 


What about the oil consumption of a mower? 


The only way to determine that the oil usage has been excessive or not is to compare the amount of engine run time (hours) with the amount of oil consumed. As a standard thing, most gasoline-powered John Deere golf mowers do not have this within 10 hours of continuous use. 


Can I improve my mower’s efficiency? 


One can work on their mower’s performance in a number of ways. They can begin with sharpening new blades, running the engine at wide-open intervals, and cleaning the mower deck in routine. Next, to compete, one can match the grass conditions with the ground speed. Normally, it is shared by sales experts that slower ground speeds provide a better cut. Lastly, assure to adjust the mower gauge wheels as the seller, or the operator manual instructs to. 


So this is all that the new purchasers most commonly inquire about golf mowers. Do you have any questions in your mind? If yes, then share in the comments; we would love to answer them.