Using Nail Filer the Right Way

The Secret to Beautiful Nails: Using Nail Filer the Right Way

Every month we burn a hole in our pocket spending weekends in salons getting hands and legs groomed. However, in reality, it is actually very easy to have the right tools at home and look after your hands especially your nails. And one of the similar products that are affordable and easy to use both is nail filer. Every girl desires to have beautiful and shiny nails but blame her lifestyle; we often end up having chapped nails that don’t look good. Vibrant nail colors with perfectly shaped nails are totally scene-stealing and to get that look, you definitely need a nail filer. But do you have any idea that maybe you have been using the nail filer in the wrong way? But worry not; we are dropping the right way to file nails in this blog that will save them from getting chipped and broken.

Here’s What You Need to do with the Nail Filer

Pick the Right Tools 

If you are a newbie in shaping nails then you need to gather the right tools before starting. And one of the major tools that you ought to have is a nail filer. Nail Filer is a very common grooming tool that everyone has in her make-up kit that shapes the edges of the nail in a definite shape. For everyone who loves to boast and flaunt their fancy nails perfectly shaped, VEGA nail filers have a wide range of filers in different sizes and colors and are very gentle on nails filing them in a perfect shape.

Pick the Right Shape for Your Nails 

Everyone has different cuticles and nail shapes that can be molded in different shapes and sizes. Some might like long nails while some would want to keep it short for a natural look. No matter which shape you have chosen, always follow the pattern of growth. Filing the nail back and forth might result in nail breakage that can ruin the entire shape and at the same time, it is quite painful.

Prepare the Nails before Trimming 

Nails are considered as one of the sensitive parts of the body and are often left ignored while we groom ourselves from top to bottom. Ladies, you need to take care of your nails because they are sensitive and demand extra care just like an infant. And one of the best ways to pick the right care is to dip your hands in lukewarm water so that your cuticles become soft and you don’t face any hurdle while moving the filer on nails.

Maintain the Original Shape of the Nails 

It might be a personal choice to decide what shape you wish to give to your nails; however, embracing the natural shape is always the right call. You can change the size of the nails, but as a beginner, you should file nails keeping the original pattern, or else you might end up ruining the look.

Clean Up the Residual from the Corners 

Once you are done with the filing part, you will notice some solid residual in the corners or near the edges. Also while rubbing the filer against the nails, dust particles get piled on the nails and fingers. To get the finished and polished look, you also need to clean up the mess after using manicure toolsOther than shaping nails, cleaning up the fingertips is equally important to enhance the beauty of your hands.

And to add some glam to your beautifully shaped nails, pop them up with vibrant nail shades and you are all done! Now flaunt your nails and thank us later for these tips.