How to Become a Successful Mompreneur

To all the women in the world, being a mother is a beautiful thing. Looking at the face of a child with admiration is a sight of contentment and delight for mothers.

There is a special bond between a mother and a child. On the contrary, passion for work turns a woman into an entrepreneur. Being a businesswoman and a mother simultaneously is a strenuous task. 

However, as said by George Brimhall, “great things will avoid you if you avoid difficult things. Therefore despite the challenges faced by mompreneurs, passion for the work can make everything possible.

This post outlines available tips for becoming a successful businesswoman to help you start on a good foot as a buddying mompreneur.

Let’s delve in.

Reasons why women currently prefer entrepreneurship over the corporate profession

According to a report commissioned by American Express, the number of women-owned enterprises increased by nearly 3000% since 1971. Besides, between 2017 and 2018, an average of 1821 businesses was started per day by women in the United States.

But why is there a rise in women entrepreneurs? You may ask. Here are some of the reasons women are entering the business world.

  • To have more flexibility.

The truth is that women are still the primary keepers of their children and their homes. Being your own boss offers more flexibility than working under somebody. This extra autonomy is essential when family becomes top priority.

Entrepreneurship allows women the ability to create time for healthy lifestyle choices and exercises.

  • To have more control of their future

According to most women, the belief that working for corporate companies has more stability is a lie. Women have undergone layoffs, restructuring, buyout, or reorganization at some point in their corporate life.

These scenarios usually result in organizational changes that are way beyond someone’s control and can negatively impact their careers.

Being your own boss means you are in control of yourself. It gives you power since you are responsible for your business activities and everyone involved, including clients and business partners.

  • To advance more quickly

Most women are joining the entrepreneurship club to escape the glass ceiling. This is because women are not promoted as quickly as their men counterparts, reasons for this are yet to be fully discovered.

Despite men and women saying that they need to be promoted in equal numbers, women are 15% less likely to get a promotion than men. According to researchers, it will take over a century to reach gender parity in the C-suite at this rate.

  • To follow their passion.

Women leave their corporate jobs because they don’t inspire them anymore. Setting your own business allows you the opportunity to leave behind a legacy you can be proud of. Doing what you are passionate about gives you a true meaning of success.

If the current job is not fulfilling, perhaps it is time to consider being your own boss. After all, you rather fail in what you are passionate about than succeeding in what you don’t love.

Secrets to becoming a successful mompreneur.

While being a mother and an entrepreneur may seem like a recipe for a stressful life, several mothers worldwide are doing it successfully. Here are some of the secrets you can use to become a successful mompreneur.

  • Your work must start and end with passion

Working mothers struggle with passion in and out of their homes. At times, mothers don’t choose to work; they are forced into doing so because their husbands got laid off, divorce or family upkeep expenses have gone up.

Others venture into business because they have identified a gap in the industry and are passionate about the needed product or service to fill the gap.

Mostly, mothers work with a passion due to their love for their families and the urge to support them. In the latter, they do it passionately for the products or service they created and would want to see them prosper.

Regardless of your reasons for becoming a mompreneur, getting deep into this inherent passion of mothers will fuel your ability to succeed and strengthen your willpower to start and run a successful business as a mother.

  • Listen and emulate other successful mompreneurs

Mothers don’t start businesses blindly; they reach out to other mompreneurs to ask questions and get advice. Search online for tips and success stories from those who have tried, failed, and tried again until their businesses are running smoothly.

While it may be good to trust your gut instincts when starting a business, reaching out to others who have been in your shoes will give clear insights into what to expect ahead.

  • Know and live your priorities

Before jumping into starting a business, make a list of personal and professional priorities. Apart from having a long to-do list for each day, create and rank your preferences first.

Frequent disruption won’t allow you to be productive and successful as a mom and an entrepreneur. By having clear priorities, you will boost your focus, give your all to every role and improve your sanity, reducing the mom’s guilt.

  • Do what works for you best

Not all human beings are the same, and what worked for other women may not work for you. You need to check what works for you and your family. This may be achieved through the trial and error method and once you find it, go for it full throttle.

What will work for you may change with time, and as your business grows, above all, let everything you do keep you a loving mother and a successful businesswoman.


Being a working mother is like having two full-time jobs. As everyone would concur, mompreneur is a beautiful and fulfilling title to have. It is doable if you set your priorities well.

Additionally, let your passion drive you, reach out to successful mothers in business and pick some advice along the way. Finally, know your priorities and go for what works for you better.