How to Accessorize Summer Outfits

How to Accessorize Summer Outfits: 6 Style Tips

The days are warm, the nights are long and, for some of us, the humidity is 97 percent — summer must be here. Whether you loathe summer or wait all year for it, you still want to look your best when the temperatures are at their highest. With just a few tweaks, you can make this your most stylish and memorable summer yet!

Summer Style Rules

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s go over a few basic rules you’ll want to know. There are plenty of great options out there if you want to get really into the weeds, but we’re just gonna show you some of the highlights to get you started.

Consistency Is Key

When fall rolls around and you can layer and do all sorts of fun stuff, you’ve got plenty of space to experiment. If you want to simplify things in the summer, consider having a go-to uniform of sorts. We aren’t saying wear the same thing every day (unless maybe you’re Mark Zuckerberg), but it’s easier if you wear the same kinds of things. This way, you’ve got a baseline look that flatters you, and you can switch it up with different pieces of everyday jewelry.

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Linens, silks, light cottons even. You want to have the lightest possible fabrics. Unless maybe you live in Maine or Alaska or something like that. In that case, maybe your lightest flannels? The point being, avoid heavy fabrics until fall rolls around.

Embrace Color

Just because spring is past doesn’t mean you have to remove all the bright, fun colors from your wardrobe. You’ll probably scale back a bit and wear some more light neutrals, but that doesn’t mean you go completely minimalist. Pops of summer color bring a ton of life to your outfits, so lean into them.

Stay Flowy

Just like picking light fabrics, you want to avoid really tight pieces of clothing. Close-fitting denim is great in fall but not fantastic in summer. This is the time to embrace that Bohemian Instagram look you’ve seen. If nothing else, it’ll keep you cooler and more comfortable

Accessorizing Summer Outfits: 6 Style Tips

How to Accessorize Summer Outfits

1. Stay Light

In terms of materials and layering, for sure. It’s more than just that, though. You can add in tons of fun pieces of jewelry and accessories during the colder months, but you want to stay lighter when the temperatures rise. Add some bands and go for stacked wedding rings on a fancier night out, but generally, you want your jewelry and accessories to be on the minimal side this season.

2. Less Is More

In the same vein, don’t feel like you need to have a bunch of accessories in the summer. You could honestly go without them entirely and be perfectly fine. Mostly, we just mean you have to be more intentional with what you’re adding during the summer because it’s easy for a simpler summer outfit to look too busy than a layered fall one.

3. Bring a Bag

If nothing else, it’ll hold the sunscreen and ChapStick and all those other fun summer accessories you want when the sun is beating down. When you don’t want to add in a ton of jewelry, a fun bag is an ideal (and practical) way to add depth to an outfit. Natural fibers and lighter colors are going to do best here.

4. Opt for Simple Jewelry

We’ve talked about how easy it is for a summer outfit to look too busy, and that’s certainly true. However, that doesn’t mean you should forgo jewelry entirely. You want to just keep things simple. Consider a staple necklace or a rose gold wedding ring for a pop of color. Whatever you do, make sure you’re picking simple and classic pieces that won’t take up too much visual space in a simpler outfit.

5. Consider a Hat

Whether you want to go for the classic large floppy hat or a baseball cap to keep things casual, you want to have a go-to hat. If nothing else, it’ll keep the sun out of your eyes and minimize potential sunburns.

6. Don’t Forget Sunglasses, of Course

No summer accessory list would be complete without a good pair of sunglasses. In fact, properly worn sunglasses with UV protection are just good for the health of your eyes in general, so you always want to have a pair with you.

How to Accessorize Summer Outfits

Beyond the health benefits, sunglasses are by far the simplest option for adding depth to an outfit in the summer. Honestly, the cheap ones look just as good as the expensive ones, so we almost never recommend spending a bunch of money on these. Unless you absolutely want to, the cheaper ones look just as good and offer just as much UV protection as the expensive ones. Find a pair that flatters your face and wear them all summer long!

Less is more when it comes to summer style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! Find the go-to pieces you love, and you’ll be out the door in just minutes, all while looking your best.