6 Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated

Fitness Comes in Many Sizes: 6 Fitness Tips to Stay Motivated!

Fitness is not easy. It takes will, strength and a lot of courage to continue on the path of wellness. Other than the big challenge of putting your body through the ordeal of workout, there are also other trials that surface en-route this journey. 

Thanks to the fashion trends and the subsequent idealization of slim figures, many people have a hard time loving their body. Exercise, as involves not just donning a specific type of garb, but also causing people to push themselves out of their comfort zone, can be a rather disconcerting experience for the non-skinny folks. 

It can be said that plus-sized people are more disadvantaged in the world of fitness. They feel vulnerable and exposed, which kills their motivation to become healthy. However, it’s time to break these barriers. Fitness is for everybody, regardless of their shape and size. Following fitness tips will help you further come out of your shell, and onto the path of wellness.

1. Start slow and work up!

You do not have to right away jump into a very difficult fitness training program. That will not do you any good. On the contrary, it will make you feel overwhelmed, hampering your progress. 

Moreover, the body needs to be slowly acclimatized into a training program. When you start off with rigorous training, you also risk the chances of muscular injury, falls and fractures, requiring you to visit the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi then. 

Therefore, always start with beginner training and build your strength. Furthermore, be sure to listen to your body. As a newbie, your body will not have the flexibility or stamina for that matter as your instructor or people in the video you are following do. Do not be discouraged but take motivation from it; that’s your end game, and having this powerful body is your intent. 

Moreover, it can get hard to look at all the skinny people around you, making you less comfortable in your skin. However, what’s important is not your dress size or the number on the scale, but the fact that you are healthy. Afterall, fitness comes in many sizes, and do not let the world fool you otherwise.

2. Channel Positivity 

Fitness journey is not just a physical battle, but also a mental one at that. It is easy to quit and pull out rather than following through. There will come times when you are tired. Sometimes, your body hits a rough patch where you cannot see much progress. 

However, you have to channel positivity. You have to keep your mind just as strong as your body. So, coach your mind and convince yourself that fitness is what you want, and you got it. 

Moreover, stress about not looking a certain way, or not losing weight fast enough will lead to other health problems. So, be Zen!

One way to keep your spirits up is leaving yourself reminders on post-it about self-love, about being strong, about acceptance for different body sizes. As your subconscious soaks on these positive vibes, your demeanor towards working out in your body will also improve.

3. Use a fitness app

An excellent way to remain motivated is keeping track of your accomplishments. Fitness apps help you chart your progress; from the calories consumed to the calories burnt, they save and store the information. It not only serves to educate you better about your journey, but also give you a realistic trajectory of your fitness journey. 

Many apps also contain workout routines and special recipes. You can consult these apps to spruce up your weight loss regimen. 

4. Set up goals 

Setting up goals is important in all facets of life, and the fitness journey is no exception. Realize what you want to achieve, make a list, and follow through with it. When people have a precise plan about what they want to do, the surge of motivation helps with meeting their goals. 

Also, alongside the goals for the bigger picture, have daily goals as well like how many calories you want to burn on that day, how much calories will you be eating everyday etc. When you define your goals and ergo your limits, it’s easier to work towards them.

5. Start as a group

It is easier working towards a goal with your friends and family around. People can then help and motivate each other along, which is much better than having a solitary experience in which it is easier to jump off the wagon. 

As a group, you can take up fun and innovative ways to keep motivated.

6. Change your workout routine 

Monotony can make things boring, and that is one way to feel very demotivational. Instead, try changing your workout routine every week or month. This will help you in exploring your range of motions and also keep you looking forward to your workout time.

Also, as you explore different types of workouts, and the fact that your body is able to commit to all the changes, you will learn to respect your body. With that feeling, also comes love for yourself, whatever shape or size may that be then. 

However, be safe with the changes in the routine. It’s good to push yourself, but not too far. Your body can sustain injuries then, meriting a visit to the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad. Take it slow but enjoy your routine!