How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Phone?

A good case should not only protect your smartphone from damage, dust and shock, but also not interfere with using it. This is what form and design are responsible for.

Let’s consider the most popular variations.

Types of covers

Choosing a cover for your smartphone is easy. But it takes a lot of time, given the variety of shapes, designs, colours and materials! You can check out the best and cheap pc cases UK where you will get the best among the lot. We also decided to guide you a little in the choice of accessories so that you can choose the best protection for your phone the first time.


In fact, a bumper case is a frame that is pulled along the entire perimeter of the phone to securely fix the case. It will be especially liked by those who want to preserve the original design of the smartphone and protect the sides of the gadget.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Protects the body from deformation during a fall
  • Made of various materials: silicone, plastic, rubber, metal
  • Metal case has an inner soft lining
  • Does not block access to keys and connectors
  • Does not cause any inconvenience while using the smartphone.


  • Leaves the display and the back cover unprotected (you will have to additionally buy protective glass, film);
  • Only suitable for smartphones with straight edges.
  • Overlay

Cover plate

Ideal for those who like to change the look of their smartphone. After all, no other type of covers has such a variety of colours, prints, materials of manufacture. It is put on the back of the phone and covers its sides.


  • Clearly repeats the configuration of the smartphone;
  • Protects the back cover and side edges from scratches;
  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • Does not increase the weight and dimensions of the smartphone;
  • Made of plastic, polyurethane, metal, wood, silicone, rubber, leather;
  • Has holes for all important user keys and connectors;
  • Provides for the possibility of applying a design, individual print.
  • Leaves the smartphone screen unprotected
  • Wears out quickly compared to other types of covers


A flip cover is the choice of those who want to protect their smartphone from all sides and at the same time emphasize their status. It is mainly made of natural and eco-leather; therefore, it looks stylish and luxurious. Some models have a window on the front panel that allows you to view the time, weather and important messages without opening the case.


  • Provides the most reliable protection for your smartphone
  • The cover can serve as a stand
  • Models of leading brands are equipped with a magnetic fastener, compartments for business cards, bank cards


  • Increases the weight and volume of the smartphone
  • The front panel must be opened during every active use

Final Words

On the one hand, a cover for a smartphone, extending the life of the gadget. On the other hand, the continuation of the owner’s image. Therefore, when choosing a protective accessory, you should be guided by common sense and not go to extremes. Also, it is better to choose such covers in specialized stores.