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Everything You Need to Know for Your First Visit to New York

New york city is a dream place for many people. Some of them think about having a long New York tour, some of them want to spend their honeymoon vacation and some of them just want to live in this never-sleeping city. In short, there are endless things to see, to do, and to experience.

If you are planning your first visit to new york city, and thinking when is the best time to visit New York City, then this guide will definitely help you to know everything about New York city.from the travel guide to the best place where you can enjoy your dinner.

Arrival into the New York city

Arrival into the New York city

There are a total of 3 airports near the new york city, Laguardia, JFK, and Newark Liberty. If you landed at Newark or JFK airport, then you can take a train for the new york city.

Where on the other hand if you land at the Laguardia, then you are in for a major travel issue. As there are only a few means of transport from the Laguardia to New York City. Even if you are lucky enough to get a taxi, you need to brace yourself for a long one hour journey. As the traffic can be horrendous.

How to get around the new york city?

Well, New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world. And if you’re thinking of renting an automobile to tour around the city. Then I would like to advise you not to do so. As the traffic of the city can forever clear out bad the most of the time you have to fight for the parking lots.

get around the new york city

It is better that you use the traditional (Walking around) method of touring the place. Put on your shoes and use the subways to travel from places to places. This will not only save your tie from the traffic but it will also help you to enjoy the true beauty of the new york city.

What about the pesky luggage?

Ye, it is very important to have a place to keep your luggage. Obviously, you can not roam in the new york city carrying all your luggage. Well, here is the solution. There are more than 50+ luggage storage stores where you can keep all your luggage. These stores provide a safe house for your luggage.

New York City Orientation and the Subway travel tips

If you are not careful enough you might be lost on the street of the new york city. As the streets are like a tic-tac-toe board and are arranged in a symmetric manner.

Here are some tips that you can keep in your mind while walking down the streets of New York City.

  • All the street runs horizontally from east to west, which makes it easy to locate yourself when you are lost.
  • The avenues are from north to south.
  • The 5th avenue acts as a landmark for the people. The closer you are to the 5th avenue, address numbers get lower. And the farther you get from 5th Avenue, the higher the address number gets.
  • And finally the broadway. It is an exceptional way that runs diagonally connecting the streets and the avenues.

Subway Travel Tips

The new york city has a complete network of the subway all over the city. You can even say that you can travel the whole city with the subway network. No matter where you are headed, most likely there is a subway headed down there.

Here are the subway tips that will make you a subway pro traveler

  • Metro cards are available at the counter. You can even buy a card that has one in all permits. That means you will pay for all the journeys you will make via the subway. So you do not have to buy a ticket every time you are using the subway.
  • You can even buy the pay per ride card. This helps you with not paying the extra money for buying the actual card (if you are in new york just for a few days).
  • The average cost of the ticket is $2.75 with the free charges between the subway and city buses.
  • It is very important to not get mixed up with the express and the local trains.
  • If you are going to use the subway more than the 12 times then it is advisable that you issue a weekly card. This will save you lots of money as well as time.


New York City or call it the City of Dreams. Both the names compliments each other. New York City is the Mecca for the dreamer, artists, beginners, entrepreneurs, and a flock of dense concrete trees. Here people pursue their passion, their dreams, and pave a new path for the others to follow. No matter what your reason is, new york city is the place that comes into everyone’s mind.