Do Eyelashes Get Thinner with Age?

Do Eyelashes Get Thinner with Age?

With age, you may have noticed your once long, luscious eyelashes have become short and stubby, even after a few coats of mascara. Just like the hair on our heads, our lashes get thinner and lose pigment with age. Changes in our bodies, hormonal fluctuations and drying skin can contribute to thinning eyelashes. Although this is a natural part of the aging process, there are several eyelash-care secrets that will help you achieve the full, thick eyelashes you’re looking for. Continue reading for the breakdown on thinning lashes and what you can do to fortify stronger eyelash growth. 

Understanding the Eyelash Growth Cycle

Just like our hair, the eyelash growth cycle has three stages: the anagen phase, catagen phase, and telogen phase. In the anagen phase, the eyelashes are actively growing as cells divide to form new hair and hair follicles produce melanin. Next, the catagen phase occurs when eyelashes have stopped growing and lash follicles start to shrink. Finally, during telogen phase or shedding phase, eyelashes fall out, prompting new lash growth. While shedding is a natural part of the growth cycle, with age, our eyelash follicles can slowly stop producing new lashes.

Why Do Eyelashes Thin with Age?

In addition to the natural aging process, here are a few reasons your eyelashes thin with age: 

  • Menopausal Hormone Fluctuations

During menopause, your body experiences many physical changes, your hair being no exception. Eyelash hair loss during menopause is the result of a lowered production of estrogen. A decrease in estrogen gives rise to testosterone, a hormone known to contribute to the shrinking of hair follicles. High levels of stress or a lack of certain nutrients during menopause may also contribute to lash thinning. 

  • Misuse of Beauty Products

Correct beauty practices are essential to maintain healthy, thick lashes in your middle age. Leaving mascara on overnight can eventually lead to thinning lashes. Consistently leaving your mascara on overnight can dry out your lashes and leave them brittle. Additionally, using expired makeup can cause eye infections, which could eventually lead to eyelash loss.

  • Wear and Tear

As we age, our hair becomes more delicate and prone to breakage. Rubbing your eyelashes aggressively when removing makeup can harm eyelids and cause your eyelashes to fall out. Also, the weight of fake eyelashes and strong glue can put stress on your eyelash follicles and even cause your eyelashes to fall out. 

  • Dry Skin

With age, the skin around your eyes loses moisture and fat, which makes the area fragile and more likely to be irritated. Flaky, dry eyelid skin can contribute to eyelash loss.

  • Stress

A major, stressful life event sends your body into survival mode. Extreme stress triggers an abnormal shift of hairs from the active growing phase to the telogen phase, leading to eyelash thinning. Stress-induced hair loss typically grows back after a few months. 

How To Improve Eyelash Growth as You Age

Aging may take a toll on your eyelashes, but with a few adjustments to your beauty routine, you can achieve thick lashes as you age. Firstly, consider investing in an eyelash growth serum, like the one from Better Not Younger. This serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid, which helps condition and smooth hairs to protect damaged lashes, and pumpkin seed extract to support thicker-looking lashes. A lash serum packed with natural, nourishing ingredients will revive and strengthen follicles to support healthy lashes. You may also try an at-home remedy by applying olive oil or coconut oil to give your lashes a boost of moisture. 

Additionally, consuming a well-balanced diet goes a long way in fortifying healthy lashes from the inside out. Just like your hair, your eyelashes require essential vitamins and minerals to support a healthy growth cycle. Foods like eggs, beans, and lean meat may help strengthen your eyelash follicles. Lastly, be nice to your lashes! Your lashes are delicate, so handle them with care by brushing them and removing your makeup gently. 


If you’re struggling with eyelash thinning in your middle age, you’re not alone. Many women experience changes in the thickness, color, and strength of their eyelashes. From investing in a lash-growth serum to prioritizing a healthy diet and adopting a gentle eyelash-care routine, you can achieve the lashes of your dreams.