How to Choose the Bridesmaids Dresses for Each Body Type

How to Choose the Bridesmaids Dresses for Each Body Type

Bridesmaid’s dresses can be an expensive investment, costing between $100-$500. Handing over the credit card to purchase a dress that we may wear only once can make us feel under the weather sometimes. If you’re a soon-to-be-a-bridesmaid, hitting the nail on the head can be overwhelming sometimes because the hunt for the best bridesmaid dresses in Melbourne can be a challenging ordeal. Bridesmaids play a quintessential role in the wedding. Not only do these women have to assist the bride emotionally, but they look their best on the wedding day. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of the best options for all body types, which you can wear to your friend’s wedding and beyond. 

1. The Rectangle Shape

The rectangle-shaped bridesmaid dress is also labeled as appearing “athletic” since the hips and waist are tailored around similar sizes. One simple trick is to focus on defining the waist. Adding accessories like a sash or ribbon to the dress is a great way of creating a cinching effect on the waistline. An off-shoulder, boat neckline, or U-Shaped neck design can enhance the volume of the attire.

2. The Pear Shape 

A-line dresses are designed just for bridesmaids with dainty upper bodies and weight on the pelvis and thighs. A-line dresses are no brainer for a pear shape since this style does not create an additional volume to the bottom half. On the top half of the dress, either a V-neck or a halter neck is recommended. The V-neck tops give an illusion of elongating the scurf and highlight the waist, while halter tops accentuate attention to delicate arms and shoulders. 

3. The Inverted Triangle Shape

This body type is used to describe bridesmaids with shoulders that are broader than their pelvic area. Generally, the upper half of this bridesmaid’s dress is slightly larger than the lower half. A deep V-neckline balances out the broad shoulder and creates an illusion of a longer neck. The lower half of the bridesmaid’s gown should be a little voluminous to allocate the proportions uniformly. Sporting a shorter skirt to highlight your great legs is always a great option. 

4. The Apple shape

For bridesmaids with weight up top and waist wider than the shoulder and hips, fall under the apple-shaped body type. Wrap and empire cut dresses are safe avenues that create the perfect silhouette. This body type looks quintessential when the lower body is added with an additional bit of material. It is often recommended to dodge the dresses without straps for apple-shaped bodies due to additional support. Opt for a scoop neck or crossover design, which is supportive and flattering. 

5. The Hourglass shape

Bridesmaids with an hourglass-shaped stature tend to have the same size of shoulders and hips with a well-defined waist. The hourglass body types can opt from one-shouldered, V neck, sweetheart necklines to off shoulders. The bridesmaid dress for this body type can explore and choose from a plethora of options. It is recommended to accentuate the waistline whether you opt for a structured or loose-fitting dress. 

Purchasing bridesmaid’s dresses from Perth’s local boutique or placing an order for your entourage overseas, read reviews, check out the seller’s credibility, return and exchange policies to prevent last moment discrepancies of the future even if you’re purchasing your bridesmaids’ dress online within Australia, the order in advance, so you have time to iron out any possible kinks.

With quickly shifting fashion tastes and thriving competitions, the process of choosing the perfect dress can become cynical sometimes. If you don’t get your favorite bridesmaid’s dress from Brisbane, fear not. There are tremendous websites that invite shoppers to design their dresses at a predetermined price so that you support the bride while looking your absolute best.